Watch: Joo Won Puts On A Bold Disguise For An Unlawful Mission In

tvN has dropped an exciting main teaser for “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper”!

“Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” is an upcoming caper comic action drama in which a mysterious cultural asset thief Skunk and an unofficial heritage redemption team known as Team Karma collaborate to fight against those who cannot be judged by the law. Joo Won will be taking on the double role of both Hwang Dae Myung, a civil servant of the Cultural Heritage Administration, and the mysterious cultural asset thief Skunk.

The latest teaser starts with Team Karma’s leader Jang Tae In (Jo Han Chul) stating quietly, “Cultural assets…” Hwang Dae Myung excitedly finishes his sentence saying “Cannot be given to the bad guys!”

This kicks off Team Karma and Skunk’s joint unofficial and unlawful mission of protecting cultural assets. In addition to Jang Tae In, Team Karma consists of members Choi Min Woo (Lee Joo W00), Shin Chang Hoon (Kim Jae Won), and Lee Chun Ja (Cha Hwa Jung). The funny back story behind Skunk’s name is revealed when Lee Chun Ja shows off Hwang Dae Myung’s special work suit that emits an unknown gas and knocks him out instantly.

While working with police officer Choi Min Woo, Hwang Dae Myung shows off his quirky side by asking about pay, but he boasts an entirely different personality when presenting himself as Skunk. Even when outnumbered by a group of bad guys, Skunk displays his talent as a dark hero by using a single rope to take them down and easily escape from a high-rise building.

As Skunk and Team Karma continue putting their lives on the line to protect cultural assets, villain Kim Young Soo (Lee Deok Hwa), who runs the Mugunghwa Cultural Foundation, exemplifies his greed as he cries out, “Why do I keep having to taste failure?” How will Team Karma be able to recover cultural assets from Kim Young Soo, a master of trickery?

Catch the full teaser below!

“Stealer: The Treasure Keeper” will premiere on April 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch a different teaser here!

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