Fantasy Boys” has amped up the fun with an exciting second episode!

MBC’s new audition program “Fantasy Boys” is the male version of “My Teen Girl,” the audition program that gave rise to the rookie girl group CLASS:y last year. The show is hosted by TVXQ‘s Changmin with mentors 2PM’s WooyoungJung JinyoungWINNER‘s Kang Seung Yoon, and (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon. The program is divided into four “semesters” and the final 12 contestants who pass all four stages will make the debut lineup.

Last week, “Fantasy Boys” made its premiere with a first look at contestants’ auditions. On the April 6 broadcast of “Fantasy Boys,” the contestants continued with their admissions assessment where they performed in front of all four mentors and received a ranking from first to third class.


The first contestant of the second set of performances was Moon Hyunbin, the leader of Ciipher, a boy group produced by Rain that debuted in March 2021. Amid high expectations, Moon Hyunbin was given poor reviews by the judges and was placed into third class.

Next up was Yaya, a popular actor from Thailand with an impressive follower count of over 1.4 million on Instagram. Given that he is already a popular star, the judges questioned his decision to appear on the program with his skills and ranked Yaya into third class.

15-year-old Kim Gyurae surprised the judges with his tall height and revealed that he’s only been a trainee for a month. Although he only began taking dance and vocal lessons for “Fantasy Boys,” Kim Gyurae gave a stable performance and was given a first class rank.

After all the assessments, trainees with first or second class ranks were sent off to their dorms while third class contestants had their admissions put on hold. Among the third class contestants, only the five receiving the most votes were offered a spot.

Mentor Jeon Soyeon specially chose Moon Hyunbin as the first contestant from third class to move up. The other spots went to TK, Jin Myungjae, Yaya, and Yuma. Although only five third class trainees were initially supposed to move on, three empty spots in the higher ranks allowed for a total of eight third class trainees to be saved. The three additional trainees were Kim Kyuhyun, Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle, and Hayato.

Ahead of the group’s signal song performance, all the trainees were re-evaluated. Following their group performances, Kim Gyurae, Ha Seokhee, Moon Hyeokjun, Park Mingeun, Ling Qi, and Oh Hyeontae dropped from first class to second.

Moving up from second class to first were Kim Daehui, Taeseon, Kim Wooseok, K-Soul, and Hikari. They joined Kang Irang, Kang Hyunwoo, Yu Junwon, Lee Hanbin, Jeong Deunhaesol, Hong Seongmin, Hwang Jaemin, and Hikaru, who were able to hold on to their first class ranks. As a group, these first class trainees were awarded the most screen time for their “FANTASY” signal song music video and the opportunity to perform on “Music Core.”

During the broadcast, “Fantasy Boys” unveiled their group performance of the program’s signature song “FANTASY” featuring all remaining contestants: 14 first class trainees, 20 second class trainees, and eight third class trainees.

Check out their performance below!

Following this week’s episode, “Fantasy Boys” held its first rankings ceremony via Naver NOW for the program’s “first semester.”

See the current rankings below!

1. Santa
2. Yu Junwon
3. Hong Seongmin
4. Yaya
5. Moon Hyunbin
6. Taeseon
7. K-Soul
8. Hikari
9. Yuma
10. Ling Qi
11. Kang Hyunwoo
12. Kim Gyurae

13. TK
14. Kang Minseo
15. Jin Myungjae
16. Kaedan
17. Kang Daehyeon
18. Lee Hanbin
19. Oh Hyeontae
20. Ha Seokhee
21. Nam Seunghyun
22. Hwang Jaemin
23. Kim Kyuhyun
24. Kim Wooseok
25. Hayato
26. Shiryu
27. Ivan
28. Hikaru
29. Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle
30. Kang Irang
31. Keum Jinho
32. Seo Sangwoo
33. Jeong Deunhaesol
34. Kim Seungjun
35. Kim Beomjun
36. Kim Daehui
37. Song Duhyun
38. Choi Minseo
39. Park Mingeun
40. Bae Jaeho
41. Moon Hyeokjun
42. Park Hyeonggeun

The next episode of MBC’s “Fantasy Boys” airs on April 13 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

While the latest “Fantasy Boys” episode will soon be available on Viki, you can catch up with last week’s premiere here!

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