A third teaser has dropped for “The Good Bad Mother”!

JTBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming comedy about a woman who must return to her motherly duties after her adult son becomes like a child again. Ra Mi Ran will star as the titular “good bad mother” Young Soon, a single mom who was widowed at a young age and raised her son Kang Ho by herself while running a pig farm. Lee Do Hyun will star as Kang Ho, a prominent prosecutor who has a fraught relationship with his mother—until he loses his memory in an accident and unexpectedly reverts to his seven-year-old self.

The drama’s latest teaser gives a peek at all the mothers in the Jowoori Village who go through ups and downs as they navigate parenting. The clip begins with Young Soon moving to the village while singing to herself about how happy she is. There, she meets the shy Choi Hae Sik (Jo Jin Woong), who proposes with the promise that he will make her even happier.

As Young Soon and Choi Hae Sik prepare for their new life together, they’re watched closely by the curious eyes of their neighbors Ms. Park (Seo Yi Sook), Mr. Bang (Jang Won Young), Ms. Jung (Kang Mal Geum), and their village head (Kim Won Hae).

While these neighbors all live unbelievably close, they each have their own set of family concerns that they cannot talk about with each other. Ms. Park boldly defends her troublemaker son Sam Sik (Yoo In Soo), asking, “What’s wrong with our Sam Sik?!” His father chimes in to say that Sam Sik gets good grades and is smart. However, their dedication to their son often just ends up hurting their pride with Ms. Park sadly commenting, “Who do you think I lived that way for…”

Ms. Jung experiences her own share of troubles while trying to get along with her daughter Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin), who’s finally outgrown her immature high school self. Despite their differences, Ms. Jung calmly comforts Mi Joo saying, “Even if it’s hard, let’s try living together.”

Lastly, there’s Young Soon who chose to be a “bad mother” by raising her son Kang Ho with a “tough love” approach to make sure he didn’t grow up penniless or powerless. Thanks to her merciless discipline, Kang Ho grows up to become a prosecutor and eventually turns his back on his mother—but when he loses his memory due to an unfortunate accident, he returns home after reverting to his seven-year-old self.

As Young Soon tries to ignore Kang Ho’s incessant calling, she calms herself down and determinedly states, “I’ll do it one more time. One more time, I will be a ‘bad mother.'”

She later explains to Kang Ho, “You have to be happy. You must be happy, not sad or defeated.” As if taking in his mother’s words, Kang Ho lies silently in the grass, looking up at the sky with a bright smile on his face.

Watch the teaser below!

“The Good Bad Mother” premieres on April 26 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch another teaser here!

While waiting, check out Ra Mi Ran in “Honest Candidate” with subtitles here:

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