Watch: Woo Do Hwan Profusely Apologizes For Accidentally Smacking WJSN's Bona While Filming

A behind-the-scenes video has dropped for “Joseon Attorney” Episode 3!

MBC’s “Joseon Attorney” tells the story of an oejibu (attorney in Joseon Dynasty) who takes revenge on an enemy that caused the death of his parents through a trial. Although the drama starts with revenge, it will depict the growth of the protagonist who gradually becomes a real attorney that cares for the people and exemplifies how revenge stems from loneliness. Woo Do Hwan stars as the charming attorney Kang Han Soo, while WJSN’s Bona plays the caring Princess Lee Yeon Joo.

In the new making-of video, Bona, Woo Do Hwan, and Lee Gyu Sung rehearse the scene where Lee Yeon Joo gives Kang Han Soo and Dong Chi (Lee Gyu Sung) a tour of her guesthouse. While Dong Chi is unbelievably amazed, Kang Han Soo attempts to appear indifferent.

After their tour, Kang Han Soo and Dong Chi enjoy a meal of the guesthouse’s famous gukbap (rice with soup) and the two diligently rehearse their animated reactions to the yummy food. Woo Do Hwan comments with a laugh that they’ll have to look like cartoons and adds, “I think we’ll have to do it in one try.” Despite all the practicing, the scene turns out to be harder than they anticipated as they end up in fits of giggles the second they lock eyes.

When they eventually perfect their reaction, Woo Do Hwan simultaneously smacks Bona in the face, which he immediately apologizes for after the take. Woo Do Hwan worriedly comments, “I hit a living being…” while Bona jokes, “Please include this in the making-of video.”

Woo Do Hwan makes sure to avoid Bona for their next take but still checks up on her once the scene is approved. Bona jokingly responds, “It’s okay, I didn’t get hit hard. Just a slap.”

Check out the full making-of video below!

The next episode of “Joseon Attorney” airs on April 14 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Watch the drama with subtitles here!

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