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Kim Young Kwang has shared his thoughts on starring in romance drama “Call It Love” with his close friend Lee Sung Kyung!

On April 10, Kim Young Kwang participated in an interview with STARNEWS to discuss the Disney+ series “Call It Love,” which airs its final episodes later this week.

“Call It Love” depicts the sentimental romance story between two people who never should have met. Lee Sung Kyung stars as Shim Woo Joo, a woman who bravely takes on revenge which does not really suit her innate personality, while Kim Young Kwang portrays Han Dong Jin, a man who is too pitiful to be the target of her vengeance. The drama also stars Sung JoonHani, and Kim Ye Won.

Ahead of the drama’s conclusion, Kim Young Kwang thanked viewers for tuning in and teased, “The director is someone who quite likes happy endings. The actors also asked a lot about the ending, but it’s not a bad ending.”

“Call It Love” marked the first acting project with Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sung Kyung, who are good friends in real life. The actor commented, “Before this, there was a time we were going to film a movie together but it fell through. After that, we kept in contact and often said ‘We have to work on a project together.’ Since she’s a friend I’ve known since our model days, I felt incredibly comfortable.”

Although Lee Sung Kyung previously revealed that Kim Young Kwang had to avoid her on set in order to stay in character because they were joking around so much, Kim Young Kwang explained that immersing into their emotional acting was not that hard. He elaborated, “Once time went by and I had a lot of Dong Jin’s feelings, I felt really touched watching Lee Sung Kyung’s mature acting to the point where I thought, ‘I can’t believe someone like this is by my side, comforting me.’ I thought that she was someone with excellent emotions and acting.”

Earlier this week, Kim Young Kwang uploaded adorable photo booth pictures with Lee Sung Kyung on Instagram. Their impeccable chemistry had fans thinking they were a real-life couple but Kim Young Kwang revealed that he wasn’t even aware of the excited responses to the photos. He added, “We gifted [the photos] as a means to say ‘Thank you’ to viewers.'”

Kim Young Kwang elaborated that he typically doesn’t have time to look at viewers’ reactions to his work but he focuses heavily on the feedback he discusses on set with his colleagues. He explained, “To me, the director’s feedback is the most important. If the director says ‘I think this is good’ or likes my ideas and our teamwork goes well, I’m happy.”

The actor shared of “Call It Love,” “It’s a drama that tells you about all the different kinds of love. I hope you watch with the thought of ‘kinds of love that are different from my own exist too.'”

Regarding his character Dong Jin, Kim Young Kwang commented, “After acting out Dong Jin having a hard time and being exhausted at the beginning, I also got a lot of comfort from seeing him gradually get comforted.”

Kim Young Kwang’s next role will be portraying a villain in ENA’s new drama “Evil Biography” (literal translation) with Shin Ha Kyun, which is a completely different genre from “Call It Love.” Last November, Kim Young Kwang also impressed in Netflix’s “Somebody,” a mystery crime drama. The actor described how fun it is to tackle a wide variety of genres and revealed that his desire to appear in a lot of projects is what drives him to work so hard.

To conclude, Kim Young Kwang commented to “Call It Love” viewers, “Thank you to those who have been watching the drama with us all this time. I hope you watch well up until the last episode. If there’s someone you know who has yet to watch, please talk to them [to recommend the drama].”

The final episodes of “Call It Love” will be released on April 12.

Until then, catch Kim Young Kwang in “Mission Possible“:

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