IVE’s Rei To Temporarily Halt Activities Due To Health Reasons

IVE’s Rei will be taking a break from her scheduled activities.

On April 11, Starship Entertainment posted the following notice on IVE’s official fan cafe:

Hello. This is Starship Entertainment.

We are informing you regarding the health status and future participation in scheduled activities for our agency’s artist, IVE member Rei.

Rei recently felt abnormal symptoms such as heart palpitations and stuffiness, so she visited a hospital and received consultation and a checkup. She received the medical opinion that treatment and stability are needed. Based on the opinion from the expert medical institution and ample discussion with Rei, we decided to temporarily halt scheduled activities for the recovery of her health.

We ask for the generous understanding of fans on the decision of prioritizing the artist’s health. We will inform you again of any changes afterwards.

We apologize for causing fans to worry through sudden news. The agency will do our best so that Rei can get rest while focusing on treatment.

We ask for lots of support from fans for Rei’s speedy recovery. Thank you.

Earlier on April 10, IVE returned with their full-length album “I’ve IVE” along with the title track “I AM.” During the press conference held for their comeback, Rei left following the photo wall session due to her health condition.

Wishing Rei a full and speedy recovery!

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