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EXID’s Hani spoke about her latest drama “Call It Love,” boyfriend Yang Jae Woong, and more in a new interview!

Disney+’s “Call It Love” depicts the sentimental romance story between two people who never should have met. Lee Sung Kyung stars as Shim Woo Joo, a woman who bravely takes on revenge which does not really suit her innate personality, while Kim Young Kwang portrays Han Dong Jin, a man who is too pitiful to be the target of her vengeance.

Hani stars as Kang Min Young, Han Dong Jin’s ex-girlfriend who sends him her wedding invitation to abruptly end their long-term relationship. However, she eventually regrets this decision and tries to rekindle their love.

Hani commented, “To me, this character was like a challenge. Although I was very scared, I did it thinking ‘Ah, I don’t know,’ but I’m proud that I finished well. I received a ton of help from the people I acted with.”

Touching on her character, Hani revealed that she was drawn to Kang Min Young’s craziness. Describing the character, Hani shared, “She’s bad and selfish. Until the very end, she had no consideration to those closest to her. She only thinks of herself until the end. If you just look situationally, you could say that she’s crazy. But in life, everyone’s position is different, isn’t it? That’s life. If you look into someone’s feelings and circumstances, there’s nothing you wouldn’t be able to understand.”

To elaborate on why Kang Min Young acted in such a rash way, Hani remarked, “I think her thoughts were ‘please hold me, please reassure me.’ Later on, Min Young learns that assurance doesn’t come from others. When she notified [Han Dong Jin] of their breakup, she was likely in a state of desperation, saying, ‘Please love me even when I say this, and if you do, I will be able to trust you.'”

Hani began her acting promotions in 2019 and has since starred in “Young Adult Matters,” “XX,” and more. When asked how she chooses her projects, Hani answered, “There are a lot [of considerations], but what I prioritize is seeing if I want to do it. My agency also respects my opinion. The CEO encourages me, saying that I came to this agency to do what I want to do. The projects I chose with this basis seem to be reflected as an endeavoring image.”

She continued, “As an actress, I’m still a baby chick. There’s still a lot that I don’t know. It’s an unknown world.” Hani explained that while a lot has changed in her life, a lot has also stayed the same. Comparing herself now to herself three years ago, she shared, “Now I feel like I’m in my thirties. My important life priorities have changed completely. I’ve come to like people and come to admit that I am that kind of person. In the past, work was important. Work was me, and I was work. But these days, I seek work life balance. I’ve developed my life outside of work.”

Last summer, Hani was confirmed to be in a two-year relationship with psychiatrist and entertainer Yang Jae Woong. When asked if he gives her any advice, Hani replied, “He’s not the type to talk a lot. When it comes to my work, I like to keep my distance, whether it’s from my lover or family. My work is my life, and your work is your life. I don’t like to share too much about that.”

She then revealed that her boyfriend heavily influenced her to star in “Hit the Spot,” explaining, “My boyfriend told me that I look happy when I act [as characters] similar to myself. There have been tough times while acting and I tried not to let it show, but I guess it did. Before that, I wasn’t drawn to similar [roles], but those words created a different opportunity.”

When asked if her boyfriend influenced any other aspects of her life, Hani responded while laughing, “I think he’d be upset if I said he didn’t.” She elaborated, “We both live while trying to prioritize these things. Regardless of age and career, our human-to-human values are similar.” Adding that they get along very well, Hani commented, “He’s someone who supports me when I make up my mind or make a decision.”

Recently, Hani uploaded adorable photobooth pictures with both her boyfriend Yang Jae Woong and her father. In response to the questions about marriage this post sparked, Hani shared, “I may get married one day. I don’t know. I don’t think marriage is a must.” Hani explained that due to her close relationship with her father, he wanted to make sure that Yang Jae Woong had a positive influence on her.

Hani then recalled the context of these photos, sharing that her father had requested to meet her boyfriend after expressing disappointment that he had yet to meet him when her mother already had. “I told my boyfriend ‘My dad is asking so would you be able to meet him once?’ and he gladly agreed. We had yummy food, each drank a glass of highball, and I felt good that day while walking down the street. I was really worried but the conversation went well too. While walking down the street, I wanted to remember that day so we took photos.”

“Call It Love” aired its final episodes earlier this week on April 12.

Check out Hani’s drama “Hit the Spot” with subtitles below!

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