3 Kinds Of Chemistry Woo Do Hwan Shows Off In

Woo Do Hwan is captivating viewers with his portrayal of Kang Han Soo in “Joseon Attorney”!

“Joseon Attorney” tells the story of an oejibu (attorney in Joseon Dynasty) who takes revenge on an enemy that caused the death of his parents through a trial. Although the drama starts with revenge, it depicts the growth of the protagonist who gradually becomes a real attorney that cares for the people and exemplifies how revenge stems from loneliness. Woo Do Hwan stars as the charming attorney Kang Han Soo.

Woo Do Hwan has more than proved himself to be a man of many faces and layers in “Joseon Attorney,” and nothing reveals this more than how his character Kang Han Soo transforms depending on the people who surround him. Take a look at three different types of relationships and chemistry Woo Do Hwan shows off through his stellar performance in this drama.


1. Heart-fluttering affection: Kang Han Soo x Lee Yeon Joo

When it comes to Lee Yeon Joo (WJSN’s Bona), Kang Han Soo becomes a very “tough on the outside, soft on the inside” type of guy. As they work together to win every case that’s thrown in front of them, Kang Han Soo and Lee Yeon Joo begin to become each other’s source of support. While their beginning was full of quarreling and endless bickering, in episode 5, viewers were finally able to see the two grow closer. As Kang Han Soo helps Lee Yeon Joo dress up as a man, neither can meet the other’s bashful gaze. They’re swept up in an atmosphere that’s electrified with excitement and maybe a bit of nerve as they venture into this new territory. For all the time they’ve spent together, a very close sense of loyalty, affection, and other sweet emotions have naturally built up between Kang Han Soo and Lee Yeon Joo, and viewers will smile as they see this new side of these beloved characters.

2. Closer than family: Kang Han Soo x Dong Chi

Kang Han Soo and Dong Chi (Lee Gyu Sung) are probably closer to each other than they are to their actual families—and that’s no exaggeration. They lean on each other for support when they plan their next course of action, share their joy and sadness, and stay strong for one another when things get tough. Their chemistry can only be described as amusing and delightful, and these two create the more comical elements of “Joseon Attorney.”

At the very first case to occur in Hanyang (present-day Seoul), the two showed great synchronization and synergy as they worked together to bring everyone to Kang Han Soo’s side, and the two of them shouting the exact same exclamation of excitement when trying some delicious gukbap (soup with rice) showed their strong bond in a much more humorous way.

3. Savage revenge: Kang Han Soo x Master Jang & Park Je Soo

Kang Han Soo is hungry for revenge on the people who falsely accused his parents and had them murdered in cold blood. As Kang Han Soo succeeded in punishing both Master Jang (Lee Joon Hyuk) and Park Je Soo (Jo Hee Bong) through their litigations, the entire flow of the drama changed. Gone was the sly and free-spirited Kang Han Soo, and in his place stood a man full of anger and savage brutality that added an unrivaled tension to “Joseon Attorney.”

“Joseon Attorney” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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