Lee Je Hoon Responds To Being Pyo Ye Jin's Ideal Type, Dishes On Namgoong Min's Special Appearance In

Lee Je Hoon has shared insight into his recent drama “Taxi Driver 2”!

Based on the popular webtoon of the same name, “Taxi Driver” is a drama about a mysterious taxi service that delivers vengeance on behalf of victims who are unable to get justice through the law. Lee Je Hoon starred as the Rainbow Taxi service taxi driver Kim Do Gi.

After a successful run in 2021, the hit drama returned for a second season this past February—and not only did “Taxi Driver 2” manage to earn even higher viewership ratings than Season 1 but its finale achieved the highest ratings of any miniseries to air this year. The day after the series finale, the drama was also confirmed to return with Season 3.


Lee Je Hoon touched upon the burden he felt for taking on a new season of “Taxi Driver,” sharing, “Season 1 received a lot of love, and I was so so happy when they said we will be doing Season 2. I was deeply touched that I could tell the story again.” The actor mentioned that he was shocked that Season 2 received even greater love.

Regarding the production of Season 3, Lee Je Hoon shared, “The actors of course are greatly anticipating Season 3 with hopes of joining [the cast]. I have not received an official offer yet. Although I obviously want to do it, I think there is still a difficult element of just saying that I will do it.”

He continued, “I haven’t thought about Season 3 in detail yet, but I think I want to continue the current format,” mentioning the Rainbow Taxi service as well as the drama’s signature theme song and retro vibes.

Lee Je Hoon also picked the scene in which Kim Do Gi and Ahn Go Eun (Pyo Ye Jin) pretend to be newlyweds as one of the memorable scenes from Season 2. He explained, “The script only had the lines, and there were no [directions on our] actions or specific details.” The actor continued, “I have rarely showed the side of an adorable and lovable couple through a project, and I was able to quench my thirst for romantic comedy through that episode.”

On his chemistry with Pyo Ye Jin, Lee Je Hoon elaborated that he has become very comfortable acting with her after two seasons, saying that they have grown to trust each other while acting. “We are busy smiling and getting playful on set.” In particular, Lee Je Hoon responded to the recent hot topic of Pyo Ye Jin having chosen Lee Je Hoon as her ideal type in the past. To Pyo Ye Jin, Lee Je Hoon conveyed, “Thanks. To think that is how you thought of me…Don’t tell me you said that with Season 3 in mind.”

Lee Je Hoon also talked about Namgoong Min’s special appearance. Lee Je Hoon revealed, “He asked me to star in ‘One Dollar Lawyer,’ so I actually made a counterproposal,” mentioning how Lee Je Hoon was actually the one who suggested that Namgoong Min star as his “One Dollar Lawyer” character.

He elaborated, “Namgoong Min coincidentally requested if I could star in ‘One Dollar Lawyer,’ and I was also in the midst of filming ‘Taxi Driver 2,’ so I couldn’t for sure determine if I could make time in my schedule, but [I thought] if I appear in ‘One Dollar Lawyer,’ it would be great if [Namgoong Min] also appears in ‘Taxi Driver 2.’ When I suggested it, [Namgoong Min] immediately said that was great.”

Furthermore, Lee Je Hoon talked about Shin Jae Ha and his portrayal of On Ha Joon, who was the main antagonist in Season 2. Lee Je Hoon shared, “It hasn’t been long since his discharge from the military, so it must have been very difficult to adjust to the set since he filmed ‘Crash Course in Romance’ along with ‘Taxi Driver 2.'” The actor continued, “He has a good personality, he’s kind, and he puts a lot of effort in his attitude toward filming. It reminded me a lot of when I was a rookie. He is good looking and adorable.” Lee Je Hoon added, “He is an actor I look forward to seeing in the future. I’m certain he will become even bigger.”

Season 2 concluded on April 15, with the finale earning an average nationwide rating of 21.0 percent and setting a new record for the highest ratings achieved by any miniseries thus far in 2023.

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