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The recently concluded 24-episode Chinese modern romance drama “The Forbidden Flower” is an adaptation of the novel “He Who Stands Among the Gorgeous Blossoming Summer Flower” by author Tai Hou Gui Lai. The story follows He Ran (Xu Ruo Han), a talented 20-year-old painter from a wealthy and traditional family. One day, while at a hair salon, she hears a captivating voice and becomes immediately smitten. She discovers the voice belongs to Xiao Han (Jerry Yan), a skilled but melancholic horticulturist. Unable to forget about him, He Ran sets out to find Xiao Han. The two grow closer following a series of romantic encounters, but their passionate relationship becomes threatened by He Ran’s serious health condition. Despite this obstacle, they continue to deepen their connection, as Xiao Han begins to reciprocate He Ran’s feelings. Against the odds, they embark on a journey to find love, hope, and healing.

The Forbidden Flower” can be described as artistic drama focusing on showcasing the beauty of love in a dedicated and aesthetic manner. The story boasts a well-written plot that manages to be both heart-wrenching and addictive. The chemistry between Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han is terrific, with Jerry Yan delivering an impressive performance as Xiao Han, unafraid to show his vulnerable side on screen. Prepare to be visually captivated and perhaps even inspired to start gardening or buy a bouquet of flowers after watching this drama. If this isn’t enough to entice you, check out four reasons why you should start watching “The Forbidden Flower” below!

Jerry Yan’s return to the small screen

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan is most well-known for his titular role as Dao Ming Si, the leader of F4, in the 2001 meteoric hit “Meteor Garden” that took Asia by storm. The star went on hiatus from acting for many years, and ” The Forbidden Flower” is officially his second comeback drama after the 2020 romantic-comedy drama “Count Your Lucky Stars” with Shen Yue. Fans of the original “Meteor Garden” will definitely feel nostalgic as the styling of Xiao Han is definitely inspired by Dao Ming Si, from his signature wavy locks, sporting a bandana on his forehead, and button-down shirts.

In “The Forbidden Flower,” Jerry Yan plays Xiao Han, a middle-aged, down-and-out horticulturist. He was once betrayed by his girlfriend and suffered a setback in his career, which made him doubt himself and lose confidence in life. He retreated to Xiaozhou Village and takes on various odd jobs to make a living. After meeting the proactive and enthusiastic He Ran, he finds his former self in her. Eventually, Xiao Han falls in love with He Ran, but he unexpectedly discovers that she had concealed her age and illness.

Jerry Yan delivers a remarkable performance as the reserved and talented horticulturist Xiao Han, who exudes mature and masculine charm while conveying a range of emotions through subtle gestures and body language. Jerry’s portrayal of the character adds depth, showcasing his vulnerability and complicated past, as well as his affection for He Ran through his selfless acts of kindness. Xiao Han’s character is an essential part of the emotional journey of the show, making him a compelling reason for viewers to watch. Besides, who can actually reject Jerry’s attractiveness, with his rocking physique, sexy deep voice, and beautiful, expressive face?

Relatable female lead

Our female lead, He Ran, comes from a wealthy and privileged family but has suffered tremendously due to leukemia. Her father passed away from the disease, and He Ran herself was diagnosed with it. Her mother took care of her during the intense treatments and chemotherapy, and while He Ran was eventually declared cancer-free, her mother became depressed and suffered from an anxiety disorder. He Ran was left without any parental figures, living in a sheltered world controlled by her mother’s arrangements. However, when she met Xiao Han, she fell in love with his voice and became obsessed with him. He Ran is different when she is with Xiao Han – she is more lively and playful, expressing her emotions openly.

He Ran’s character is engaging for viewers to watch in the “The Forbidden Flower” due to the depth and complexity of her personality. Despite being from a wealthy family, she has faced immense hardships and loss due to leukemia, which has left her isolated and living in a bubble created by her traumatized mother. Her loneliness and desire for love and companionship are relatable, and viewers can’t help but sympathize with her struggles.

Xu Ruo Han does an excellent portrayal of He Ran, as she brings vulnerability and authenticity to the role, making He Ran relatable and easy to empathize with. Even when acting alongside Jerry Yan, she manages to stand out with her impressive acting skills. Her ability to shine in emotional and fragile moments is particularly notable and has won over the hearts of many viewers with her portrayal of He Ran.

Sizzling chemistry

Although the drama contains many overused elements, it ultimately returns to what connects the characters to the audience: their pain and struggles. Despite their ordeals uniquely belonging to He Ran and Xiao Han, their experiences can still resonate with viewers. The difficulty they face in finding happiness and fulfillment in the routine aspects of life, along with their tendency to seek refuge in distractions, is something many individuals can relate to in their own lives.

The relationship between He Ran and Xiao Han is not considered an acceptable type of romantic relationship socially, due to their huge age gap. However, “The Forbidden Flower” team made the right decision in casting Jerry Yan and Xu Ruo Han. Despite the 20-year age difference between the actors, it does not detract from the sultry chemistry they share on screen. Their comfort with one another is noticeable, igniting butterflies in the viewer’s stomach with their intimate gestures. Despite some cut scenes, the actors still deliver a firefly-like chemistry that audiences longed for.

Gorgeous cinematography

The cinematography in “The Forbidden Flower” is truly stunning and a feast for the eyes. The drama was shot in Hainan, the southernmost island province in China, and it is full of summer vacation vibes with the ocean breeze, warm beaches, colorful flowers, and flowy dresses. The intense heat of the sun and humidity add to the steamy atmosphere, making the drama feel very hot. It is visually captivating, with beautifully crafted sets that are both thoughtful and detailed. The contrast between He Ran’s modern, concrete jungle of a home and Xiao Han’s lush, plant-filled abode is expertly captured on camera. And the vibrant and colorful scenes in the drama feature various types of flowers and plants that are effectively used to create a vivid, summer ambience. The contrast between the two characters’ surroundings also serves to highlight their differences in life and values.

Overall, “The Forbidden Flower” is a stylish drama that combines a great story, impressive acting, and stunning cinematography to create an intriguing watch. Don’t miss it!

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