Lee Do Hyun Turns Cold Due To Ra Mi Ran's Merciless Parenting In

JTBC’s upcoming drama “The Good Bad Mother” has shared a glimpse of the evolving dynamic between Lee Do Hyun and Ra Mi Ran!

“The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming new comedy about a woman who must return to her motherly duties after her adult son becomes like a child again. Lee Do Hyun will star as Kang Ho, a prominent prosecutor who has a fraught relationship with his mother Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran)—until he loses his memory in an accident and unexpectedly reverts to his seven-year-old self.

As a single mom who was widowed at a young age, Young Soon raised her son Kang Ho by herself while running a pig farm. Because she didn’t want her son to grow up penniless or powerless, Young Soon chose to become a “bad mother” by constantly being hard on her son and taking a harsh “tough love” approach in raising him.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Young Soon coldly turns away from Kang Ho during his high school days. The teenage Kang Ho seems to have already gotten used to his mother’s unforgiving ways, and he appears worn down as he follows her with a downtrodden expression of acceptance.

However, their roles are reversed in photos from a later time in the story, when Kang Ho has grown up to become an adult. While Kang Ho has become a prosecutor, just as his mother always dreamed, he is now as ice-cold as his mother used to be. Young Soon, on the other hand, seems to have softened around the edges, and she wears a warm smile as she carries a homemade lunch that she prepared for her son.

Describing her experience working with her co-star, Ra Mi Ran raved, “Actor Lee Do Hyun was truly amazing. It was so great meeting an actor with whom I could exchange this kind of inspiration. I’m grateful that he became my son Kang Ho.”

Meanwhile, Lee Do Hyun returned the love by sharing, “It was a huge honor just to be able to act together with Ra Mi Ran. Because of that, I was really excited whenever I went to the filming set, and I was extremely happy during filming. She was truly a precious mother to me.”

“The Good Bad Mother” will premiere on April 26 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out the latest teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Lee Do Hyun in “Melancholia” with subtitles below:

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