SEVENTEEN's DK And S.Coups Tease

SEVENTEEN’s DK and S.Coups have chatted with Allure Korea about their upcoming comeback!

On April 24, SEVENTEEN will drop their 10th mini album “FML,” which includes double title tracks “F*ck My Life” and “Super.” On why the group decided to have two title tracks for the first time, S.Coups explained, “There was the members’ strong will. Since the focus could inevitably fall a bit, our agency voiced their concerns. However, we were confident,” adding that the group wanted the best of both worlds. He continued, “Since we captured the music we wanted to do and the message we wanted to convey, we strongly pushed for both songs to be the title tracks.”

DK chimed in, “The vibes of the two title tracks are completely different. ‘Super’ is a song that captures the performance you think of when you think of SEVENTEEN. The sound of ‘F*ck My Life’ is really beautiful. The song content is special as it’s a story we haven’t done yet. I think it’s a story we can tell now because of who we are in 2023.”

When asked what kind of feedback they hope to get for this album, DK responded, “I’m greedy for feedback like ‘SEVENTEEN has outdone SEVENTEEN!’ ‘How come SEVENTEEN gets cooler as time goes by?’ ‘How come they get more perfect?'”

S.Coups revealed that throughout preparations for “FML,” SEVENTEEN’s staff members often said they were working too hard considering how long the group has been in the industry, but he explained that this comment always made him feel good. He shared, “They’re basically wondering if there’s any need to do this much when we could go comfortably and stably. We’re okay, but this was a journey completed by us working in overdrive to the point where people around us would say, ‘Why are you working to this extent?'”

Earlier this month, SEVENTEEN broke their personal record and became only the second artist in history to exceed 4 million stock pre-orders. Sharing their reactions to this incredible accomplishment, DK remarked, “I was so surprised! I was just fascinated. Although album sales and numbers are not the standard of results, this was possible because of CARATs’ [SEVENTEEN’s fan club’s] love. The fact that we are receiving an overflowing amount of love suddenly sinks in. My only thought is that I have to work harder.”

S.Coups shared, “It makes me think that we are still moving up. My thoughts become stronger that there are still places to climb to and that I have to live more diligently.”

After, both S.Coups and DK shared traits that they respect about the other. S.Coups commented, “Our main vocal who I’m proud of no matter where we leave him. SEVENTEEN songs are really hard. I can’t even imagine singing them at karaoke. I believe that the quality of the song is improved because of DK.” He added, “Ah, I rewatched DK on ‘The King of Mask Singer‘ yesterday, and he sang breathtakingly well.”

DK jokingly responded with a laugh, “Now why did you watch that? I danced breathtakingly then.” He continued about S.Coups, “His voice as a rapper and his visuals balance our team. He’s a leader who is really great in his role of having to represent the team. He’s a model leader to the point where I wonder whether SEVENTEEN would be where we are now if he wasn’t our leader.”

During DK’s recent unit promotions with SEVENTEEN’s BSS, he was the leader for the trio with Seungkwan and Hoshi. On getting a taste of this important role, DK shared, “Being in the position of leader gave me a sense of responsibility. Even though I didn’t do anything amazing as leader, I developed the pressure that I had to hold steady and that we couldn’t fall apart. Like [S.Coups] does, I worked hard to mediate while listening well to the members.”

Laughing, DK pointed out, “Of course, our members are the type to play first amongst themselves without the leader, so there were even times they filmed challenges without me! However, I think I was able to better understand [S.Coups’] efforts.”

Eight years into their career, SEVENTEEN is showing no signs of slowing down as they continue hitting career highs with each album. When asked to describe their views of a career peak, S.Coups explained that deciding on a peak only left room for coming down after achieving that goal. He commented, “Just like now, I believe that every moment that we are making the music we want to make and releasing albums are career highs.”

DK described SEVENTEEN as a group that was always growing and added, “We are continuing to move up now too, and I like that journey. To us, a career high is closer to the process than the result. Since this album came out of such a happy journey, I feel that much more satisfied.”

To conclude, the two SEVENTEEN members were asked what moments made them feel like they were living well as humans Choi Seung Chul (S.Coups’ birth name) and Lee Seok Min (DK’s birth name). DK answered simply, “When my members look at me and smile. Whether it’s as DK or Lee Seok Min, I really love making my members laugh.” S.Coups shared, “I feel happy that the team is being maintained. Because Choi Seung Chul and S.Coups are synchronized.”

See DK and S.Coups’ full feature in the May issue of Allure Korea!

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