Watch: Ra Mi Ran's Cold Parenting Leads Lee Do Hyun To Become A Cold Prosecutor In

“The Good Bad Mother” has dropped a preview for Episode 1!

JTBC’s upcoming drama “The Good Bad Mother” is a heartwarming comedy about a woman who must return to her motherly duties after her adult son unexpectedly becomes like a young child again. Lee Do Hyun will star as Kang Ho, a prominent prosecutor who has a fraught relationship with his mother Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran)—until he loses his memory in an accident and unexpectedly reverts to his seven-year-old self.

The teaser begins decades in the past as a younger Young Soon moves to Jouri Village. There, she experiences the incredible fate of giving birth on the exact same day as her neighbor Ms. Jung (Kang Mal Geum), who names her daughter Mi Joo (Ahn Eun Jin). Just like her husband Hae Sik (Jo Jin Woong) wished, Young Soon names their son Choi Kang Ho in hopes that he grows up to be a strong and powerful person.

To make sure he grows up like that, Young Soon decides to be a “bad mother.” Her harsh parenting style often leaves a young Kang Ho in tears as she bitterly comments, “You can never become a prosecutor in this countryside by doing everything you want to do.”

Years later, Kang Ho and Mi Joo are still by each other’s side. As their relationship lingers somewhere between friendship and romance, their bond is shaken up by their fellow neighborhood friend Sam Sik (Yoo In Soo) who takes a liking to Mi Joo. When Sam Sik’s antics result in the two getting locked in their school storage room, they share a heart-fluttering moment as Mi Joo sweetly tells Kang Ho, “You can just start now to do what you want to do.”

The clip takes a sad turn when Young Soon and Kang Ho find themselves in a screaming match. Young Soon yells out, “Whose fault is that? Please teach me!” Kang Ho responds in tears, “I can’t live because I feel suffocated!”

Everything changes once again when Kang Ho officially becomes a prosecutor. Looking much more poised than his teenage self, Kang Ho makes a phone call and stiffly comments, “Things seem to have gotten a bit troublesome.”

Watch the teaser here!

JTBC’s “The Good Bad Mother” premieres on April 26 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out another teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Lee Do Hyun in “18 Again“:

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