Lee Ji Ah Breaks Down Sobbing After Shocking Tragedy In “Pandora: Beneath The Paradise”

tvN’s “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” has shared a heartbreaking sneak peek of its next episode!

Penned by “The Penthouse” writer Kim Soon Ok, “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” is a revenge drama starring Lee Ji Ah as Hong Tae Ra, a woman who comes to realize that her picture-perfect life is actually a fabrication orchestrated by someone else as part of a devious grand plan.


On the previous episode of “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise,” Hong Tae Ra pretended to have lost her memories again so that she could take down her husband Pyo Jae Hyun (Lee Sang Yoon) from the inside. However, Go Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin) wasn’t aware that Hong Tae Ra was faking it—and, believing that their plans for vengeance had been ruined, she made the extreme decision to shoot Pyo Jae Hyun.

The episode ended on a shocking cliffhanger, with Hong Tae Ra intentionally taking the bullet for Pyo Jae Hyun so that her husband would continue to trust her (and believe that she had truly forgotten everything).

Newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode suggest that there are further trials and tribulations in store for the unfortunate Hong Tae Ra. In the process of searching for new ways to destroy Pyo Jae Hyun without alerting him of the fact that she still had her memories, Hong Tae Ra winds up facing another devastating tragedy.

The new photos show Hong Tae Ra bursting into tears after witnessing a tragic incident caused by Pyo Jae Hyun. At first, she appears to be in disbelief at what she is seeing—but she soon falls to the ground sobbing, piquing curiosity as to what could have happened.

A final photo captures Pyo Jae Hyun looking tense on election day as he waits to hear the results.

The producers of “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” teased, “As Jang Do Jin [Park Ki Woong] decides to reveal the truth instead of Go Hae Soo, major shockwaves will ensue. Additionally, as Hong Tae Ra faces off against the vicious and cruel Pyo Jae Hyun, another shocking and tragic incident will take place.”

To find out what tragedy lies in store for Hong Tae Ra, tune in to the next episode of “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” on April 23 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Lee Sang Yoon in “One the Woman” with subtitles below!

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