Song Ji Hyo Requests Termination Of Exclusive Contract + Agency Apologizes And Agrees To End Contract

Actress Song Ji Hyo has terminated her exclusive contract with Uzu Rocks.

On April 24, OSEN reported that Song Ji Hyo decided to leave Uzu Rocks earlier this month and that a lawsuit is being prepared to to verify the validity of the exclusive contract.

In response to the reports, a representative of Song Ji Hyo shared, “It is true that Song Ji Hyo notified Uzu Rocks of the termination of her exclusive contract on April 14. She made this decision after mutual trust between the two collapsed.”

Following news of Song Ji Hyo’s request to terminate her exclusive contract, Uzu Rocks released an apology and confirmed that they agreed to terminate their exclusive contract. They shared the following:

Uzu Rocks acknowledges having made an agreement with the agency’s actress Song Ji Hyo to terminate the exclusive contract.

Uzu Rocks apologized in regards to the past internal situation for not paying attention to the details and important aspects due to the rapid expansion in the entertainment sector in the early years of the enterprise. We admit to the agency’s mistake in regards to the termination of the exclusive contract with Song Ji Hyo.

Uzu Rocks stated, “We acknowledge our mistake caused by rapid expansion in operating a variety of content-based business.” They added, “We further apologize for causing concern to many people who support and give strength to our existing business.”

Furthermore, they conveyed, “The company and Song Ji Hyo have not been together for a long period of time, but we have been together based on trust. We convey our deep gratitude to Song Ji Hyo’s trust, and we are honored to have been with Song Ji Hyo, who is loved in many fields. We will continue to support Song Ji Hyo’s various activities, and we ask for lots of attention and support [for Song Ji Hyo].”

However, a representative of Song Ji Hyo shared, “Through news reports, we saw Uzu Rock’s apology regarding the termination of the exclusive contract. Besides this, we have not received additional contact. We will proceed with the settlement lawsuit as planned.”

Last year in October, Song Ji Hyo signed an exclusive contract with Uzu Rocks, which houses Song Ji Hyo’s “Running Man” co-star Ji Suk Jin.

Earlier on April 5, Uzu Rocks was embroiled in allegations of overdue payment to the agency’s artists and employees due to financial difficulties. In response to the reports, Uzu Rocks released an official statement stating that a portion of the information is different from the truth. They added, “All the incumbents will be paid their wages around April 10, which is the original payment day. Quarterly settlement for our agency’s artists will also be carried out smoothly as scheduled.”

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