An Engaging Tale: 5 Reasons To Watch Romantic C-Drama

Romance of a Twin Flower” is a timeless story you are sure to love! Based on author Bai Lu Cheng Shuang’s novel “The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir,” the C-drama follows the tale of an aspiring businesswoman named Ji Man, who finds herself stuck in the Ning Mansion after a case of mistaken identity. Now, the kind woman is considered to be the evil first lady of the estate and married to the mansion’s cold-hearted master Ning Yu Xuan. This series is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, and thoroughly enjoy yourself! Let’s look at five great reasons to watch the romantic C-drama “Romance of a Twin Flower.”

The talented main cast

Stars Ding Yu Xi and Peng Xiao Ran create the gifted couple in the “Romance of a Twin Flower.” Ding Yu Xi, who previously impressed in the romantic comedy series “Moonlight” where he portrayed the leading character Zhou Chuan, plays the mean and aloof Ning Yu Xuan. He is the master of the Ning dynasty and Ji Man’s husband. He portrays the leading character Zhou Chuan. Actress Peng Xiao Ran, who is best-known for starring in “Goodbye My Princess” as well as the romantic fantasy C-drama “Shining Just For You” as Ye Ling Shuang, plays a dual role as Ji Man and Nie Sang Yu in “Romance of a Twin Flower.” Ji Man is an aspiring businesswoman, while Nie Sang Yu is a general’s daughter who was originally married to Ning Yu Xuan. Ji Man is a kind lady, and Nie Sang Yu is a classic mean girl.

You may know Ding Yu Xi and Peng Xiao Ran best for their shining roles in previous C-dramas, but they are amazing actors in “Romance of a Twin Flower” and so much more! You can’t help falling in love with them as an on-screen couple while respecting their natural gifts as individual actors.

Engrossing story

A case of mistaken identity is the main plot of “Romance of a Twin Flower.” After escaping the Ning mansion on an attempted murder charge, Ning dynasty’s first lady Nie Sang Yu (Peng Xiao Ran) jumps off a cliff. She is allegedly rescued by the dynasty’s guard. Unfortunately, they save an aspiring businesswoman named Ji Man instead, and she has to find a way to prove her real identity and escape Nie Sang Yu’s punishment. Also, the single Ji Man becomes a wife in an unhappy marriage to Ning Yu Xuan.

“Romance of a Twin Flower” is a mysterious puzzle viewers want to solve from episode 1. Peng Xiao Ran’s great acting makes us believe that she is truly playing two distinctly different people. Her down-to-earth personality as Ji Man and mean girl vibe as Nie Sang Yu are simply amazing! We are anxious to know Nie Sang Yu and Ji Man’s backstories. Why do the women look so much alike? How did the guard mix them up during the rescue mission? Why did Nie Sang Yu’s marriage to Ning Yu Xuan turn sour? There are so many questions that can only be answered by binge-watching the engrossing C-drama.

Multiple genres

The budding romance between the main couple gets the spotlight in the series, but the C-drama offers so much more. It incorporates multiple genres to tell the story. “Romance of a Twin Flower” blends action, comedy, and mystery in the period tale. Actress Peng Xiao Ran supplies the majority of the comedy and mystery, while actor Ding Yu Xi and his on-screen bodyguards display confounding action scenes.

“Romance of a Twin Flower” is a romance series that gives endless entertainment for viewers who love action, comedy, and mystery genres. The action is evident through scenes illustrating Ning Yu Xuan’s (Ding Yu Xi’s) martial arts ability. The comedy and mystery is apparent through Ji Man’s hilarious mishaps communicating with her husband, expertly doing household chores and trying to find a way out of the mansion. This C-drama is a feast for lovers of good television shows! You have to give this one a try!

Pretty period costumes

Characters Ji Man, Nie Sang Yu, Ning Yu Xuan, and all their servants wear the very best period wardrobe. The flowing gowns and regal robes honor the historical time period. The clothes give the story character and look absolutely stunning on the actors! Even their accessories make the costumes stand-out. The colors range from very bright to dark-colored ensembles depending on the character’s needs.

“Romance of a Twin Flower” costumes help make the tale unique. The audience is able to visibly see the class distinction based on the clothing’s fabric and style the characters wear. Servants seem to sport simple fabrics, while the master and first lady are adorned in possibly silk or linen. Nonetheless, the clothes are equally pretty, and it definitely helps illustrate the story. “Romance of a Twin Flower” would not be the same without the pretty period costumes. You can’t help but be a little jealous of the fabulous styles of the past. You’ll want some pieces to include in your own wardrobe after watching this series! The period costumes are a great reason to watch the show!

Spectacular scenery

“Romance of a Twin Flower” flaunts the spectacular Ning Mansion. From the exquisite rooms to the spacious courtyard, Ning Yu Xuan’s home is one to covet. The beginning of the series indirectly introduces viewers to the beautiful grounds and makes us all envious. The sunlight seems to shine brightly on the home and fill it with hope for the future.

Ning Yu Xuan’s bedroom and the courtyard are worth reexamining. They are grand in very different ways. The bedroom is decorated in fancy curtains and high-quality furniture, and the courtyard boasts well-maintained plants and gorgeous architecture. “Romance of a Twin Flower” displays such luxurious scenery that you’ll want to enjoy your next vacation on the filming set. Dreaming about historical grandeur makes this romance series a must watch!

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