Watch: Super Junior’s Donghae Is A Successful CEO Who Underwent A Major Glow-Up In New Drama Teaser

Genie TV has released a new teaser and poster for its upcoming drama “Oh! Youngsim”!

Based on the classic Korean cartoon “Youngsim,” “Oh! Youngsim” is a romantic comedy about the reunion between childhood friends Oh Young Sim (Song Ha Yoon) and Wang Kyung Tae (Super Junior’s Donghae), who unexpectedly run into each other after 20 years.

The new teaser starts with Oh Young Sim asking, “Do you know Oh Young Sim?” After a brief glimpse of the original cartoon opening, the clip introduces viewers to Oh Young Sim’s struggles in her career as a variety show producing director (PD). Despite her overflowing passion at work, Oh Young Sim’s show is cancelled, and she complains, “You didn’t even discuss it with me. How can you do this to me?”

Soon afterwards, Oh Young Sim meets Wang Kyung Tae for the first time in 20 years—and she is shocked to see that he’s gone through a major glow-up. Now in his thirties, Wang Kyung Tae is the wealthy CEO of a successful start-up, and he barely resembles the crybaby nerd who followed her around when they were young.

However, even after Wang Kyung Tae’s glow-up, the dynamic between the two remains the same. Before they know it, the childhood friends are bickering again, just like old times.

“Oh! Youngsim” will premiere on May 15. Check out the new teaser and poster for the drama below!

The caption of the drama’s poster reads, “You, who appeared again after 20 years!”

While you wait for “Oh! Youngsim,” watch Song Ha Yoon in “Please Don’t Date Him” with subtitles below:

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