BLACKPINK's Rosé Talks About Headlining Coachella, The Importance Of Trusting Yourself, And More

BLACKPINK’s Rosé recently teamed up with GQ Korea for a stunning pictorial!

In her accompanying interview, Rosé discussed her busy schedule, BLACKPINK headlining Coachella, and much more. When asked whether she was tired from all the travelling and performing, Rosé answered simply, “No, its fun. Because this is work that I love.” She elaborated on how BLACKPINK’s fans BLINKs magically give her strength even when she’s tired, adding, “BLINKs are like that. Like magic. They’re like gifts, but both are good. A magical gift.”

Last month, Rosé celebrated the two-year anniversary of her first solo album “R.” On how she wants the album to be remembered, Rosé shared, “Since it was my first single album, the album’s meaning, the energy I poured into it, and the love I received, all remain as such special and precious memories. Even after a lot of time goes by, I don’t think these will be able to fade.”

Comparing herself during solo and group promotions with BLACKPINK, Rosé shared, “To be honest, I myself didn’t know in the past. But now I definitely know. Would it be because I’m still learning?” She explained, “There’s definitely an image and complete version I have to show as BLACKPINK. Images that are more powerful and energetic. But when I’m solo, it’s a bit different. It’s mixed with a bit of boredom and there’s overall a lot of soft images. In the past, I’d say ‘Rosé is Rosé,’ but not anymore. I’m gradually learning that I have to absorb and express a variety of images. It’s fun.”

As this interview took place prior to BLACKPINK’s recent two-weekend run as a headliner at Coachella, the interviewer congratulated Rosé on this achievement. Rosé responded, “Thank you. It really feels like a dream. When I first heard the news, I was speechless. I was so shocked. To us, it was a movie-like moment.”

The interviewer mentioned that BLACKPINK has already experienced and accomplished so many movie-like achievements, to which Rosé shared, “I think it was more so because this has been a longtime dream. I couldn’t even dare imagine being headliner. I was just happy to participate in Coachella and stand on stage.”

Now that Rosé has achieved yet another dream, she was asked what other goals she has for herself. She replied, “Hm, I don’t know if this is the right answer. I did diligently run towards my dream, but there is something else I’m still searching for.”

Rosé shared that this something was having some breathing room and explained that her current solution to this was to be kinder to herself. She confirmed that she was quite tough on herself and elaborated, “I’m the type to go until the end. I don’t really like leaving things ambiguous. I try until I am satisfied. I think I have always been satisfied whenever I went to the end.”

On why she experienced this mindset change, Rosé commented, “In the past, I wanted myself to be more nervous. I was sure that I would miss a lot if I wasn’t more nervous. But if I look back, there seemed to be a lot to gain even when I had breathing room. From that, I think came new things like inspiration and ideas. It was interesting. These changes.” Rosé added, “Even if this is not necessarily the answer, there’s definitely something to gain in the process of finding the answer. But I also don’t think things can go wrong. As long as I know myself.”

Elaborating on her trust in herself, Rosé shared, “There are times I get scared too. But every time, I think the results were always good when I trusted myself. Nobody else but me. If you keep doing that, you also come to learn that you’re someone who can achieve more than you think. If someone is hesitating ahead of some kind of start, I want to share this with them.” She continued, “Trust yourself. Then nothing will go wrong.”

Check out Rosé’s full feature in GQ Korea’s upcoming May issue!

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