Ciipher’s Agency To Take Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

Rain Company has announced legal action on behalf of their agency artist Ciipher.

On April 27, Rain Company shared the following statement on Ciipher’s fan cafe:

Hello. This is Rain Company.

First, we would like to thank the fans who love and cherish our agency artist.

Recently, we have confirmed that false statements and malicious criticism, posts intended to slander, etc. regarding our agency artist have been indiscriminately spreading on online communities and social media.

Accordingly, we will be taking legal action against malicious posts in the future in order to protect the rights of our agency artist. In this process, we will take strong action without any leniency or settlements.

We will continue to respond through self-monitoring and the reports sent by fans, and do our best to protect our artists.
With regards to this, we ask that fans actively report.

Thank you.

Ciipher is a seven member group consisting of Hyunbin, Tan, Hwi, Keita, Tag, Dohwan, and Won. Keita recently competed on Mnet’s “Boys Planet” where he finished in rank No. 12. Tag was also a “Boys Planet” contestant but left before the show began. Hyunbin is currently appearing on MBC’s audition show “Fantasy Boys.”

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