5 Reasons To Watch Romantic C-Drama

Romance is in the air with “The Love You Give Me”! The heartwarming C-drama follows the story of Min Hui (Wang Yu Wen) and Xin Qi (Wang Zi Qi). Once deeply in love in their youth, a breakup changes their paths in life. Now a single mom and a bachelor, the pair reunites to give love a second chance. There are many reasons to watch this sweet series! Here’s a look at five great reasons why you should be tuning in.

A darling main cast

Stars Wang Yu Wen and Wang Zi Qi are adorable as the leading couple in “The Love You Give Me.” Actress Wang Yu Wen shines as Min Hui, who is a single mom and a director of a technology firm. You may remember her from a past C-drama role, as she is famous for starring as character Gu Xi Xi in the romantic comedy “Once We Get Married.” Actor Wang Zi Qi, who also starred in “Once We Get Married” as Yin Si Chen, reunites with his past co-star Wang Yu Wen and plays Xin Qi, who is a bachelor and a successful business investor in “The Love You Give Me.”

The main leads in “The Love You Give Me” show us such realistic romantic chemistry thanks to the experience of their previous work together. The pair has perfected their on-screen relationship through all their hard work and dedication. You don’t want to miss the heartwarming moments that Wang Yu Wen and Wang Zi Qi have in store!

The captivating story

After a bitter breakup in their youth, successful business representatives Min Hui (Wang Yu Wen) and Xin Qi (Wang Zi Qi) reconnect under unlikely circumstances. Xin Qi witnesses Min Hui allegedly seducing a rich man at a business party and threatens to ruin her current work project. During her mission to get him to stop, the couple reignites their old relationship and starts caring for their son.

“The Love You Give Me” is a fascinating tale that deals with the intricate relationship of a longtime couple. Min Hui and Xin Qi are a great example of a pair that never stops caring for one another. They meet in their youth and reconnect in adulthood, so the span of their relationship alone is thrilling to watch! The actors do a great job illustrating the complicated feelings the characters experience during each stage in life. You have to tune in to see their chemistry as well as how a child changes the dynamic of their relationship.

Romance genre

Based on author Shi Dingrou’s novel “The Love You Give Me,” the series is a quintessential example of a C-drama romance. Min Hui and Xin Qi have a thrilling romantic story to tell. From their first meeting to their reunion as a family of three, the genre encourages viewers to be excited for the romantic moments coming their way in every episode. Fans of romance know the genre rarely disappoints, and this C-drama lives up to the swoon-worthy glory.

The first two episodes of “The Love You Give Me” already promise so much romance to come! During a routine medical check-up, Xin Qi accidentally witnesses Min Hui, her son, and a young doctor’s family interaction and is instantly jealous. And Min Hui even helps Xin Qi end a terrible blind date by posing as his girlfriend. Sparks fly early on with these eternal lovebirds, and viewers get to come along for their romantic ride. The acting, script, and genre all work together to create a memorable C-drama you have to see!

Vivid flashbacks

Min Hui and Xin Qi’s complete backstory is full of surprises, and “The Love You Give Me” makes sure viewers know everything through the use of vivid flashbacks. We witness their first meeting, the span of their young romance, and even the reason for their bitter breakup. The flashbacks explain it all — and there is a good dose in many episodes, so keep your eye out for them!

The flashbacks are also very necessary because when you start the series, you have so many burning questions. They range from topics regarding the dynamic of their initial romance to the reason for their breakup. As a viewer, you want to know why Min Hui hid Xin Qi’s child from him, causing him to miss out on crucial moments in his son’s life. The reasons behind all these questions are explained through these vivid flashbacks. Each flashback is worth the wait! You don’t want to miss the great acting and storytelling.

Fun technology

Fancy smartphones and computers are sprinkled throughout the series, but it’s really the way the characters use that technology that makes all the difference. “The Love You Give Me” allows the characters to work hard with their devices, but they also know how to have fun. Xin Qi uses his desktop computer and smartphone to work on business files and keep up with clients, and his smart TV can serve recreational purposes when he plays video games. We see him relieving stress through an intense boxing game.

“The Love You Give Me” indirectly encourages viewers to want to join in on the technology fun. The characters make work and playtime seem equally enjoyable. Watching these characters happily using their devices is a great reason to watch “The Love You Give Me” as fans of the latest technology will enjoy seeing all the latest gadgets getting good some screen time. It is a must-see!

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