10 K-Pop Songs That Promote Self-Love

Self-love comes in many K-pop flavors! From hip hop to EDM, listeners can find the right song to satisfy their music needs. Despite the varying genres, the message behind each self-love inspired song maintains an empowering message. You won’t be able to get the catchy tunes and positive messages out of your head after just one listen! Check out these wonderful K-pop songs that promote some positive energy.


This empowering track perfectly blends the pop, dance, and hip hop genres. The message behind “SOLO” is all about someone expressing their true self after a breakup. They are able to convey their personality more freely. “SOLO” is a good track to enjoy while you’re getting dressed in the morning or for an evening event. There is no better way to love yourself than with a soothing bath and choosing a great outfit to wear!

IU –  “Palette” (feat. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon)

Embracing your unique personality traits is the very essence of “Palette” and self-love. This electronic pop single has a touch of R&B, and the lyrics describe someone maturing in life with self-assurance. Despite questioning some of their personality traits, they have confidence. IU and G-Dragon are credited with writing the track, while IU produced it. This song would be a great addition to your go-to music playlist! Anytime you need a calming song of encouragement, you can automatically play it.

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun – “ALIEN”

A dance pop track all about self-love arrives in the form of “ALIEN.” This song expresses a mom boosting her daughter’s self-esteem by telling her that she is a powerful being from another planet. The story empowers the girl to be her best self. “ALIEN” is an amazing song that can encourage every listener to aim to be the best version of themselves. You can enjoy this single during your next best friends’ hangout. All your besties will want to hear that sweet encouragement!

GOT the beat – “Step Back”

Hip hop and R&B are expertly mixed in this track to create a self-love song to satisfy the senses. “Step Back” talks about someone with high self-esteem warning people to stay away from their significant other. The person is extremely confident with themselves and their lover. The next time you go to a club or a party, ask them to play “Step Back” so everyone can enjoy the powerful self-love vibes.


This single combines pop and psychedelic genres to bring the perfect self-love song! “WANNABE” expresses that someone is precious just the way they are. There is no need to change to be anyone else. The topic of self-love is evident throughout this track, and it’s a great one to gift to your loved ones. Friends, family, and lovers can all benefit from listening to this self-love anthem.

SF9 – “Enough”

Self-love can also come in a beautiful package like SF9’s single. The lyrics in “Enough” celebrate the natural beauty of someone. The song expresses that they are gorgeous and more than enough. “Enough” is one of the best tracks to play when you are feeling down. It’s a great pick-me-up to add to your daily playlist.

IVE – “I AM”

IVE’s latest single brings self-love to music lovers. “I AM” contains a strong message of someone having an independent and confident attitude in life. They will continue to evolve as a better person in the near future. The pop dance track would make a great addition to any party playlist! It is so upbeat and fun that it would encourage self-love to everyone listening.

Jeon Somi – “BIRTHDAY”

This pop and rap single promotes self-love in the best possible way. The lyrics to “BIRTHDAY” describe someone celebrating their authentic self, and it is done in the most energizing way! Like the title suggests, the song can be enjoyed on your birthday. This song alone is a form of self-love on special days.


MUSTB’s latest single conveys the self-love concept beautifully with its rock style. “ROYALTY” is all about someone believing in themselves and their dreams. It is a song expressing self-confidence that is full of hope and courage. “ROYALTY” is a great track to play when you’re in need of encouragement in the self-love department. The best energy boosts are through listening to inspiring music!

Stray Kids – “Grow Up”

Self-love comes alive in this Stray Kids track. “Grow Up” is a song of encouragement for youth today. It acknowledges that adolescents should learn from their mistakes and realize that they are doing a great job growing up. This is another good self-love track to gift to those you love. Hopefully, it will encourage the people in your life to always love themselves no matter what.

Hey Soompiers, which song is your ultimate self-love song? Are there any additional songs you love listening to that celebrate you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm!” For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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