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Nothing But You” is a Chinese sports-themed romance drama about Song San Chuan (Leo Wu), a former benchwarmer in badminton who becomes a tennis player, and Liang You An (Zhou Yu Tong), a career woman who transitions from being an executive assistant to a tennis club manager. Both of them face professional and personal challenges after experiencing setbacks in their lives. As they work together to overcome these challenges, they gradually develop romantic feelings for each other but also face conflicts arising from differing perspectives and experiences. Through facing obstacles and growing together, they learn to heal each other’s wounds and love bravely.

“Nothing But You” is an exceptional drama with intelligent dialogue, well-rounded characters, and impressive acting that captures the undeniable chemistry between the leads. It goes beyond the typical romance genre by exploring personal growth and the pursuit of a fulfilling life. The main theme revolves around the transformative power of love, giving individuals the courage to let go of their past and start anew. And the show’s well-thought-out script centers around the growth of the main characters and their relationships, making them integral to the development of the story. If this isn’t enough to convince you, check out some reasons why you should start watching “Nothing But You” below!

Capable and resilient female lead

Liang You An is a 32-year-old executive assistant to the marketing director at Young Space, a sportswear brand company. She’s an extremely capable and reliable employee. Due to the nature of her job, she is on call 24 hours a day, leaving her with no time for a social or romantic life. Having worked at Young Space for six years, Liang You An honed exceptional skills in handling office tasks, lobbying, and identifying opportunities. However, she feels that her career has reached a plateau, and she yearns for new challenges. After a series of events, Liang You An receives a fresh start as a new manager of a struggling tennis club. Besides being sharp-minded, Liang You An always possessed a keen eye for spotting sport talents. After meeting our male lead Song San Chuan at a sporting event, the two form an unlikely friendship. Liang You An sees the potential in Song San Chuan, encouraging him to train as a professional tennis player.

Many drama viewers can definitely relate to Liang You An as a hard working professional as you’ve likely had your share of toxic managers, zero work-life balance, and a stagnant career. What is truly admirable about Liang You An is her ability to remain composed when encountering unreasonable people, such as her horrible boss or arrogant athletes. She actively listens to their requests and responds in a calm and collected manner. Furthermore, she is not hesitant to voice her thoughts and feelings, especially when she feels that something is unjust or unfair. Additionally, Liang You An’s work ethic is exceptional, and she is a skilled problem-solver who never overreacts. Working in a field mostly dominated by men, it’s wonderful seeing Liang You An transform a failing tennis club into new successful heights.

Dark horse male lead

Song San Chuan is a 22-year-old badminton player whose career has hit a roadblock due to his inability to win matches. It is revealed to viewers that his career stagnation is due to his past family trauma. His mother Tong Lu was a former badminton player who imposed her unfulfilled dreams on him with strict and rigorous coaching. Feeling lost with his career direction, he meets Liang You An, who recognizes his talent and recommends him to join her tennis club, leading to his transition from badminton to tennis.

As an inspirational character, Song San Chuan is the dark horse that viewers can’t help but cheer on as he overcomes his struggles and develops his full potential as a tennis player. Despite the difficulties of switching to a sport with a different skillset at his age, Song San Chuan challenges the near impossible as a hot-blooded youth. It is a joy to watch him gain confidence in himself, set goals, and train rigorously while overcoming his past trauma. Viewers will root for him as he never backs down despite the hardships.

Sweet older woman-younger man relationship

“Nothing But You” showcases a heartwarming and genuine connection between Liang You An and Song San Chuan. Their bond is initially one of best friends and manager-athlete, which later develops into a romantic relationship. Despite their 10-year age difference, their love and support for each other are unwavering. Liang You An’s maturity and experience combined with Song San Chuan’s unwavering support make them an unbeatable team. Their relationship is a refreshing take on the theme of an older woman and a younger man falling in love.

The drama challenges societal norms around age and gender in relationships, encouraging viewers to have open and honest conversations about love. Liang You An’s initial hesitation to enter into a romantic relationship due to her fear of commitment and the age gap is a relatable aspect of “Nothing But You.” As the story unfolds, viewers get to see how Liang You An overcomes her fears to accept Song San Chuan as her romantic partner. Their relationship is unique because neither holds power over the other, making them equal in their bond. Throughout the show, they are there for each other, breaking stereotypes around what a relationship should look like, and showcasing the power of true connection.

There are several standout moments that demonstrate the depth of support and care between Liang You An and Song San Chuan in “Nothing But You.” For instance, when Song San Chuan suffers a knee injury, Liang You An remains by his side throughout his entire rehabilitation, providing emotional and physical support. Additionally, when Liang You An struggles to find funding for the tennis club, Song San Chuan not only accompanies her to meetings with potential investors but also helps with administrative tasks and offers up ideas to improve the club.

The relationship between Liang You An and Song San Chuan is unexpectedly sweet, mature, and healthy. It’s a delight to watch their feelings for each other slowly grow without the usual misunderstandings and instead with honesty.

Great supporting characters

In addition to our main characters, “Nothing But You” boasts a delightful cast who adds depth and heart to the story while playing a crucial role in supporting the OTP throughout their journey. Their support and love for Liang You An and Song San Chuan showcase the importance and power of connection and relationships.

Of some of the notable characters in the drama, there is An Cong, Song San Chuan’s step-father and former badminton stringer, who now runs a wig shop that caters to cancer patients. Despite not being related by blood, An Cong is a wonderful father figure to Song San Chuan, adding another layer of warmth and positive influence to his life. Their relationship is full of playful bickering, deep bonding, and love, making it a joy to watch their interactions on screen.

There’s also Luo Nian, Liang You An’s best friend who is a devoted nutritionist and single mother. She provides unwavering support and care to Liang You An, making her the ultimate confidante. Their heartfelt and fun interactions, filled with girl talk and honest conversations, showcase their unbreakable bond, creating heartwarming moments on screen.

Next is Zhang Yan, a famous tennis coach in the country who has an eccentric and direct personality that can sometimes come off as arrogant. Despite his unorthodox teaching methods, he helps Song San Chuan improve significantly. Though he may appear antagonistic, Zhang Yan genuinely cares for his tennis players, and his crush on Luo Nian adds a touch of adorable humor to the story.

Finally, we can’t forget Song San Chuan’s fellow tennis teammates Jiang Jiao Jiao (Xia Hao Ran), Chen Ze (Li Qing), and Dai Yi. Although they may have initially struggled with their performance, as they train and compete together, a strong bond forms between them. This brotherhood becomes a pillar of support through the challenges they face on and off the court, showcasing their teamwork and friendship.

Overall, “Nothing But You” is a motivational and inspirational show that highlights the importance of love and personal growth. You don’t want to miss it!

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