Yoo In Na And Yoon Hyun Min Start To Feel Differently About Each Other In “True To Love”

Get ready for a change in Yoo In Na and Yoon Hyun Min’s relationship on ENA’s “True to Love”!

“True to Love” is a romantic comedy about the unlikely love story between Deborah, a dating coach who believes that you need to approach romance strategically (played by Yoo In Na), and Lee Soo Hyuk, a publishing executive who thinks romance is all about sincerity (Yoon Hyun Min).


Previously on “True to Love,” Deborah finally began to leave her heartbreak behind and get back on her feet. As she made a fresh start, she wound up seeking out Lee Soo Hyuk and agreeing to the book deal she’d been offered.

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, Deborah and Lee Soo Hyuk grow closer as they spend more and more time together. One photo shows the duo having a blast at karaoke, while another captures Lee Soo Hyuk growing flustered under Deborah’s playful gaze. In a third photo, Deborah adorably falls asleep on Lee Soo Hyuk’s shoulder.

The producers of “True to Love” teased, “In Episodes 7 and 8 this week, the changes in Deborah and Lee Soo Hyuk after they begin their dating book project will make viewers’ hearts flutter. The emotions of these two people, who suddenly wind up facing new feelings that they hadn’t expected, will be fun to watch.”

The next episode of “True to Love” will air on May 3 at 9 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Yoo In Na in her film “New Year Blues” with subtitles below!

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