Moonbin's Friends Share Heartfelt Messages And Photos In Memory Of His Life

Two weeks have now passed since the passing of Moonbin, and his loved ones have expressed their heartfelt messages for him in various ways. Many wrote letters for him at his memorial, and some have also shared photos and messages through social media.

Here are memories and words shared on Instagram by some of his close friends:

SF9’s Chani

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Kim Bo Yoon

You were an older brother who always told me to contact you if something happened at the end of our conversations, and I wonder why I couldn’t have said such easy words to you even once.
Many people will long miss and remember singer Moonbin, but I will remember actor Moonbin the longest.
Including when you worried everyday from the day the script came out to the day of filming in order to act without hurting Oh Je or Da Heen, when we worried over each and every line while putting our heads together for four hours at a time until filming began on the day of filming, when you were sorry for about a week when you made a mistake reciting your lines, and when you told me what parts you liked when you monitored [our performance] after filming.
My 2019 album is full of “Moments of 18,” and among those, I have the most photos of Oh Je and Da Heen.
I will be sad for just a brief moment, and I will treasure it as a good memory for a long time.
Leave all that pain behind here, and take fresh air, beautiful scenery, happy memories, rice, Nesquik, meat, lots of what you liked.
Thank you for acting with me.
I hope that you will be less mature and less hurt there.
Farewell, oppa. And I’m so very sorry.

Moon Ga Young

Every moment is vivid from our beginning up to when you completely surpassed my height and I had to look up to you.

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I feel like I’m in a dream I can’t wake from. Even when I try to wake up, nothing changes. I met you at 19, and we lived our 20s together. I really liked you, and I admired you at times. I wanted to meet you soon to tell you how awesome of a person you are, but my heart aches thinking that that now [the wait] will be a little longer. You were more warm-hearted and thought more deeply than anyone else, so I respect all your decisions. I just want to meet you for one day and tell you that you worked so hard and that it’s not your fault in the slightest. I really didn’t have a single difficult moment when I was together with you, and I was just so happy, so please be well and at peace.
You’ve always been a great source of pride for me for a long time, and I was always grateful for being your friend. Let’s for sure be friends next time and the time afterwards. Everyone will live well, and you won’t wish for the people you love to live in pain, so we will live even brighter and more beautifully, so it’s okay to be a little hurt over thoughts of you, so I wish you would show up in my dreams to see you face from time to time. I really want to see you even if it’s just for one day, one hour, once, Bin.
Let’s meet again not too late.
I love you, Mungnyang.

Lee Suji

I have so much I want to say.
I always wanted to tell you, and I should have been braver.
Thank you for being with us in your most beautiful years.
Thank you so much for coming like a gift so beautiful that is a shame to even unwrap. Like you said, you really are the greatest person in the world. That’s right. It was an honor to have met you.
“Hold my hand when you need someone. I’ll be that somebody.”
It would be a relief if our song that you liked gave at least a little bit of comfort to you. And I’m sorry because I don’t think I was able to hold your hand as much as in the lyrics.
I was also able to breathe a lot and dream a lot due to your music.
In addition to me, and to the many people who loved you, you became a light. I am so grateful that there are songs that the six of us can remember each other by.

Now, I’m dreaming of a new dream through you.
I will live as a bright ray of light that will light up the darkness in this place.
I’ve become more simple and more bold. I don’t think there’s anything to be scared of now.
I will help the people who have fallen stand up, hold the hands of the people who are alone and walk with them, help those who have lost their dreams to dream anew, and show happiness to the people who have lost their laughter.
As I picture you saying, “That’s right Suji! That’s it!” in heaven, I will take strength until the end. Let’s meet again for sure. And let’s stay as one family forever.
It’s a relief that you will be enjoying to your heart’s content the deep love, peace, and freedom in heaven that you couldn’t feel on this land.
I’m really happy having even a taste of that heaven now, and how much incomparably greater it should be for you..!
I won’t begrudge the time given to me nor my life and will run to you after spreading light. Rest easy until then.
And your family that you loved so much, we will be their family and will be with them. It will probably be so hectic because they will have gotten so many new sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. You probably won’t worry, but don’t worry 😉

Bin, I really love you. I’m so grateful, and I miss you so much.
Let’s meet again for sure on that day. Thank you for being our friend.


Our Bin heh I miss you so much. I still remember vividly how just one week ago, you asked to make time to dance together and told me that I was No. 1 no matter what with an exceptionally bright smile. This world is so terrible, right? Ha.
I don’t really know why such a cool kid like you liked someone like me so much. I’m sorry for being shy and not expressing myself well. You were such an awesome younger brother. How great would it have been if I said as many good words as I received from you. I’m very embarrassed for not being able to express myself properly. Bin, you gave me such great strength. You always greatly acknowledged my music and my dance and also enjoyed and looked forward to it. I pretended to make light of it because I was embarrassed, but you don’t know how great it felt heh I’m confessing it nowㅜYou brat.
I don’t think there was a younger friend who liked me as much as you did, and I don’t think there will be going forward, and that’s why I cherish you more, and my affection for you grows. I don’t know what to do heh
I will take responsibility or even fight with the company and do whatever it takes to bring “What Kind of Future,” which you kept asking when I would release and wanted to hear as an [official] music release, on your birthday. Because I long finished eating the bibimmyeon you bought for me on my birthday ke You should have given me the chance to give you a birthday present you brat! ㅜke I’m so sorry that this is all I can do for you. I love you, I cherish you, and I’m grateful to you. You will always be in my heart as the coolest younger friend that I’m most grateful for. Let’s stay happy. I love you, Bin.


My little brother Bin. It makes sense that I still can’t believe it, right…? How much must you have been lonely and in pain alone… and how agonizing it must have been.. And you kept worrying about the team and worrying about the members until the end… You should have thought about yourself first… you idiot. I will try to keep drawing our picture that you wanted, and I’m so angry at myself for only being able to tell you that I’m sorry that I couldn’t protect you right by your side while leaving you alone when you were in pain… If I had know that my last stage together with you was the fan meeting right before my enlistment, I would have made even more eye contact with you on the stage, joked around with you more, and stayed only right by your side.. When you often called to tell me you will be coming to visit me [in the military], you don’t know how happy I felt and how much I look forward to those days… Your voice then is still so vivid… Do you remember? When I said we should live together after I get discharged during our phone call? You laughed after hearing that and said you would think about it and let me know.. I didn’t hear your answer in the end^^ I want to hear it even in my dreams, so please visit and tell me. You must have worked so passionately and kindly for you to have so many people on your side. I’m so proud of you, my little brother^^ Let’s make one promise! Don’t be in pain there, and be happier than anyone else there. And please be building that house we will live in together when we meet again later>< You’ve worked so hard. Thank you for having been a singer. I love you my little brother Bin.

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SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

You were the one who made the world look different.
It’s hard to hit it off like we did.

We would walk for hours without destination,
capture it with our cameras when seeing beautiful scenery,
get lost in contemplation while looking at the night sky,
get drunk and sing on the street.
Even if I fell asleep drunk, you made sure to charge my phone before going to sleep.

We would insist on exercising even on a rainy day,
hike up Namsan Mountain soaked in rain.
We would end up having a late-night snack because we were so hungry,
then the next day exchange photos to see whose face is more swollen.
When eating together, you would gaze at me warmly and say, “Father, you eat very well.”

We would laugh aimlessly at trivial things,
fight over trivial words,
try not to contact each other first, feeling upset and letting pride get in the way.
But in the end, we would miss each other and apologize to one another,
patch things up then have even more fun like we never fought.

You would work hard as much as you play hard.
You were also so good at that, making me so proud.
You would monitor my work more closely than anyone else,
show respect for me more than anyone else.

You were so polite and kind to everyone around me that
whenever your name was brought up, everyone would praise you.
You would be happy and sad for everything that happened to me as if it happened to you.
Saying “I love you” to each other wasn’t cringey with you.
My friend Bin, who embraced and comforted me until the end,
just a “good person” is never enough to describe you.

You will be my pride for my entire life.
I am enough to keep on living with the pride of being your best friend, right?

I can see you if I want, and I can hear you if I want
because I really believe that you’re watching over from heaven.
You will monitor my activities for this comeback, too, right?
I’m going to take in your feedback, so please do watch me. I will make it through no matter what with the thought that you are watching me.

It was such an honor to be your friend.
And thank you so much for being my friend.
Thank you once again for making me learn and feel a lot.

Just be anyone there.
Let go of all your responsibilities and guilt.
Do whatever you like and wait for me.
I am going to live with everything so that these memories won’t fade even a bit.

I will take care of your people,
and together we will share your memories as much as we want.
For all the people who loved you,
I will spread these memories I have with you.

Every time I do so, please watch me with your warm smile.
If there’s anything you want to ask for, come out in my dreams.
You have to be my friend again in the next life.
I’ll see you up there! I’m going to hug you really tight as soon as I see you.
I love you very much. Bin, you’ve done well.

VIVIZ’s Umji

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ASTRO’s JinJin

Hi Bin, are you doing well?
Maybe it’s because I see you every time I look at my photo albums, but I still can’t believe it. I will just think that I can’t contact you because you are busy doing all the things you wanted to do, eating what you wanted to eat, and doing what you weren’t able to do, and I will think that you are by our side.
You always said that you would laugh whenever you looked at me, and I miss how you were the one who liked it the most no matter what I said and how you joked around with me the most. I think about how I should have reciprocated more and laughed more, and whenever I think about that, I’m reminded of your smiling face, and I end up smiling along. Your smile was really pretty—you also knew that, right? If you didn’t know, I hope that you definitely know there.
The people around me keep talking about their dreams so much, but why aren’t you appearing in my dreams? Anything is fine—I just want to see you once, Bin. I don’t think the words, “I miss you,” were ever so desperate, but I wish that we could spend at least one day happily together amongst ourselves.
I returned to practice for my musical right away, and I’m diligently and energetically moving forward. I think I made a good decision to do the musical. It’s good that I can spend time busily and focus without thinking about this or that. My [musical actor] seniors and peers here treat me so well and take such good care of me that I feel as if I’m being loved. A lot of people who worked with you have come to me to tell me how well you did on set and how everyone really loved you because you only did lovable things, which made me feel proud for some reason. Bin, you were someone who fully deserved to be loved. Everyone was sincere to you, and everyone sincerely cherished and loved you. You have to know that for sure there, okay?
To my little brother whom I love so much, Bin, let’s smile a lot. Let’s smile a lot while fully enjoying happy thoughts and happy things, and let’s be happy and not be hurt. I love you, my little brother. Rest well.

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