Lee Min Jae And Jung Woo Yeon Stay Close To Song Ha Yoon For Different Reasons In Upcoming Cartoon-Based Drama

Upcoming rom-com “Oh! Youngsim” has shared stills of Lee Min Jae and Jung Woo Yeon!

Based on the classic Korean cartoon “Youngsim,” Genie TV’s “Oh! Youngsim” is a romantic comedy about the reunion between childhood friends Oh Young Sim (Song Ha Yoon) and Wang Kyung Tae (Super Junior‘s Donghae), who unexpectedly run into each other again after 20 years.

Lee Min Jae and Jung Woo Yeon play the two characters closest to Oh Young Sim. Lee Min Jae portrays Lee Chae Dong, a new character who is not in the original cartoon. He works closely with Oh Young Sim as fellow variety show producing directors (PDs) and also has a one-sided crush on her. Lee Chae Dong is always looking out for Oh Young Sim and quietly following her around, which is reminiscent of the younger Wang Kyung Tae.

After silently protecting Oh Young Sim by always supporting and picking up after her, Lee Chae Dong’s calm feelings immediately grow fiery and competitive when Wang Kyung Tae suddenly appears and adds tons of confusion in Oh Young Sim’s life.

In his first stills, Lee Chae Dong is dressed casually as he focuses intently on something. As he diligently takes notes in a meeting, it’s evident that Lee Chae Dong is a hardworking and efficient PD as well as a reliable helper to Oh Young Sim.

Jung Woo Yeon plays Gu Wol Sook, a popular YouTuber. From the outside, she appears to be Oh Young Sim’s best friend from childhood, but they actually have a love-hate relationship with Gu Wol Sook continuing to secretly bring trouble to Oh Young Sim’s life.

After being recruited by Oh Young Sim for her new dating program, Gu Wol Sook leaves the other cast members nervous with her deadly charms. Even though it’s been 20 years, she also instantly recognizes fellow cast member Wang Kyung Tae, who grew up with her and Oh Young Sim.

Gu Wol Sook’s stills highlight her attention to her physical appearance. Without a single strand out of place, her hair is perfectly set in a natural way. She also rocks an extravagant makeup look and spices up her outfits with an array of accessories.

Jung Woo Yeon is currently appearing on MBC’s “Meant to be” while Lee Min Jae recently starred in tvN’s hit drama “Crash Course in Romance.”

“Oh! Youngsim” premieres on May 15 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

While waiting, catch “Meant to be” with subtitles below:

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Also, start watching Lee Min Jae in “Boar Hunt“:

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