3 Reasons To Tune In To New BL Drama

New BL drama “Love Mate” is charming its way into viewers’ hearts!

“Love Mate” follows the office romance between ice-cold team leader Seo Lee Joon (Cho Hyun Min), who does not believe in true love, and innocent new employee Jeong Ha Ram (Cho Han Gyul), who is straightforward in his pursuit of love.

The new show, which premiered on May 4, has already been garnering a lot of attention as an “office romance drama” with a different texture. Here are three reasons viewers are so excited about this BL series:

Cho Hyun Min and Cho Han Gyul’s charming visuals and youthful chemistry

Rookie actor Cho Hyun Min plays the role of Seo Lee Joon, a team leader who no longer believes in love after having had his heart broken in the past. Although he claims he doesn’t believe in love, deep in his heart, he still secretly longs for true love and only builds iron walls around him because he doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Meanwhile, Cho Han Gyul stars as Jeong Ha Ram, the company’s new employee who joins Seo Lee Joon’s team and exudes a variety of charms, from cute to rugged. After falling in love with Seo Lee Joon at first sight, Jeong Ha Ram doesn’t waste his time and expresses his love for Seo Lee Joon straight away.

In addition to the charming visual combo of Cho Hyun Min and Cho Han Gyul, viewers can look foward to the fantastic “youthful chemistry” between these two as they portray a push-and-pull romance.

Use of fresh concepts like “date mate” and a dating app

“Love Mate” particularly creates a strong impact with the use of fresh concepts not seen in other dramas, such as “date mate” and a dating app. There is something especially exciting about the story of a team leader and a new employee at the same company meeting through a dating app. Moreover, the fact that the two do not start a relationship right away, but instead decide to go through a “date mate” phase (getting to know each other before starting a relationship), is a unique way of portraying the human psychology of wanting to be cautious in love.

A realistic and relatable love story

Anyone who has ever worried about love can relate to “Love Mate,” which realistically depicts Seo Lee Joon’s fear of romance after having been hurt by love. After Jeong Ha Ram actively approaches him, he learns about true love in a way that will have viewers empathizing with his journey.

With a cute and sweet romance story plus sophisticated directing by So Joon Moon of the movie “Everglow,” viewers can look forward to a web drama with a unique texture of its own.

The producers of the show commented, “‘Love Mate’ will be a romance drama with a fresh twist on the traditional office romance. Please look forward to ‘Love Mate,’ which will be filled with fun, sweet, touching, and relatable stories in every episode.”

Check out the first two episodes of “Love Mate” with subtitles below!

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