Watch: Lee Na Young Recharges On One-Day Vacations In Heartwarming Teasers For Upcoming Drama

New teasers have dropped for Lee Na Young’s upcoming drama!

Upcoming wavve original drama “Travel Diary of Park Ha Kyung” (literal translation) depicts the eight travel stories of Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young), a high school language arts teacher who goes on one-day trips on Saturdays that are full of unexpected yet unforgettable moments. Each episode will take viewers to a new location as they follow Park Ha Kyung on her journey, experiencing all kinds of emotions and feelings of comfort with the changing scenery

The drama’s latest posters capture what Park Ha Kyung gets up to on these trips, from wandering around, to eating good food, and staring off into the distance. All three of the posters read, “If I can walk, eat, and zone out!”

In the new teaser, Park Ha Kyung is shown trying to escape her life as an exhausted high school teacher with quick trips around the country. She explains, “My goal for this vacation is clear. To go down roads I haven’t been on. Just one-day vacations when you want to disappear.”

As she embarks on her journey, Park Ha Kyung starts meeting new people and gaining many unexpected experiences. When she’s in line at a restaurant and realizes they do not serve single parties, she decides to sit and share a meal with a nearby stranger she eventually develops a close bond with. While exploring different parts of the town, she keeps running into the same man (played by Goo Kyo Hwan), who later shouts out to her, “Let’s coincidentally meet again!”

With time, Park Ha Kyung gains the courage to try new things, such as dance. Later, she’s told, “They said ‘You want to do art, not become an artist. Try it.'”

When asked how she felt, Park Ha Kyung answers, “I cried. Then, I laughed.” The teaser concludes as Park Ha Kyung states, “If I can walk, eat, and zone out.”

Watch the heartwarming teaser below!

“Travel Diary of Park Ha Kyung” premieres on May 24.

Until then, check out Lee Na Young in “Beautiful Days“:

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