Watch: Girl Group Member Whose Song Went Viral Covers Girls' Generation On

On the latest episode of “The King of Mask Singer,” the masked singer “Picnic” showed off her vocals with a beautiful cover of Girls’ Generation!

During the May 7 broadcast of the MBC singing competition, four contestants continued their quest to challenge the reigning champion for her crown.

In the first battle of Round 2, Picnic serenaded the audience with a soaring rendition of Girls’ Generation’s iconic debut song “Into the New World.”


On last week’s episode, Picnic performed a spring-themed dance cover medley that included H1-KEY’s viral hit “Rose Blossom,” which recently enjoyed a dramatic climb up the Korean charts after gaining attention for its inspiring lyrics.

After watching her performance, Go Young Bae pointed out the fact that she had danced to “Rose Blossom” and guessed, “I think she might be a member of the group [that sang that song].”

Fellow panelist Baek Hyung Hoon chimed in, “I think Go Young Bae is right. She’s on the taller side, and I’ve heard that the members of H1-KEY are very tall. And I’ve been listening to that song a lot lately, and one of the members in the group has the same singing style as [Picnic].”

Although Picnic charmed the crowd with her singing, it was ultimately her opponent Rock Star that won the round, and so she remained behind on stage to take off her mask. Sure enough, just as the panelists had guessed, Picnic turned out to be H1-KEY’s main vocalist Hwiseo.

When asked how she felt about “Rose Blossom” going viral, Hwiseo replied, “It feels really great. Honestly, I think this is a song that everyone can relate to, and I’ve been seeing people say they love the lyrics and that they listen to the song in the morning on their way to work… so the song’s ranking always rises on the charts in the morning.”

“We didn’t receive attention [for the song] at first,” she continued. “But gradually, I keep hearing the song more and more, and people I know have been contacting me [about the song’s success]. Now that it’s getting such a great response, the other [H1-KEY] members and I are preparing very happily for our next album.”

Watch the full episode of “The King of Mask Singer” with English subtitles below!

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