Watch: Red Velvet's Yeri Plans To Make Lee Eun Saem's Life A Living Hell In

Upcoming drama “BITCH X RICH” has unveiled its first teaser!

Starring Red Velvet’s Yeri, Lee Eun SaemLee Jong Hyuk, And Yoo Jung Hoo, “BITCH X RICH” depicts the events that happen to Kim Hye In (Lee Eun Saem), the only witness to a murder of a high school girl. She eventually transfers to the esteemed Cheongdam International High School, where she meets Baek Jenna (Yeri), the queen of Diamond 6, the prime suspect, and the most powerful person in the school.

The clip kicks off with Kim Hye In walking to her locker with a bright smile that immediately fades when she opens it up to find a sign reading “Welcome to Hell” with a mysterious pair of heels. Baek Jenna explains to her, “As long as you’ve been caught by Baek Jenna, your school life will be ruined.”

As Kim Hye In explores someone’s luxurious closet, someone else comments, “My mom says that people are weirdly stubborn about bashing and pretending to not want things they can’t have. Especially poor people.” After getting caught for stealing, Kim Hye In experiences a whirlwind of emotions before switching up and asking with a straight face, “Are you done?” She sarcastically adds, “I’ve really committed a sin I should die for by pretending I was rich when I am poor.”

All that leads to Kim Hye In transferring to the esteemed Cheongdam International High School, where Baek Jenna is part of the Diamond Club for her family’s Hanmyung Group having donated over 5 billion won (approximately $3,784,400). Baek Jenna asks Kim Hye In, “What, are you a transfer student? Who do you think I am? If possible, try staying out of my sight at school. You beggar.” She adds, “If this is an aristocratic school, I’m royalty.” But when Baek Jenna tries to casually walk away, Kim Hye In grabs her hair and yells, “Where do you think you’re going?!”

Someone else reminds Kim Hye In of her standing at their school and Baek Jenna continues, “Do you know now? How insignificant you are?” As Kim Hye In looks up at the crowd of snobby students, she states, “I curse those insolent and arrogant faces.”

Watch the full teaser below!

“BITCH X RICH” premieres via Wavve and Netflix on May 31.

While waiting, watch Yeri in “Blue Birthday” here:

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