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Updated May 11 KST:

Following a statement from the songwriter of IU’s “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes,” songwriter Lee Jong Hoon, who wrote IU’s “BBIBBI,” has also shared his stance on the recent plagiarism accusations.

Read the statement here:

Hello, this is songwriter Lee Jong Hoon.

I’ve encountered an article that a plagiarism complaint was filed against “BBIBBI,” the song I composed.

For starters, we can’t help but feel sorry that you picked the wrong target for accusations of plagiarism. Copyright (intellectual property) is the domain of the composer, not the domain of the singer. Even if a complaint or accusation is made, it’s appropriate to make it against me, the composer.

Secondly, as plagiarism is categorized as chingojae (offenses that can only be prosecuted with a complaint by the victim), third party complaints or accusations have no legal effects. This is just intended to damage the artist as it clearly shows they are not trying to create legal consequences.

Lastly, I did not plagiarize any other work while working on “BBIBBI.”
After listening to the “various” songs in YouTube videos that “claim” similarities, aside from the genre characteristics of hip hop/r&b, I was instead able to confirm differences and individuality in a lot of aspects, from chord progression, song structure, instrument arrangement, and more.

While I tried to check the accusation to accurately assess the situation, I was told that even EDAM Entertainment has not yet been able to obtain access to the complaint and that checking the exact details of the accusation would be difficult.
If there are aspects in the future where you need my explanation, I will explain fully and correct this type of condemnation and misunderstanding even without going through the legal process.
I’d like to say that this is not only my firm will to preserve the meaning of my creation, but to improve the creative environment of existing writers in a slightly more desirable direction.

Thank you.

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Original Article:

Songwriter Lee Min Soo has spoken up about the recent plagiarism allegations involving IU’s songs.

Earlier this week, it was reported that a complaint was filed against IU on the violation of copyright law with regards to her six songs “The Red Shoes,” “Good Day,” “BBIBBI,” “pitiful,” “Boo,” and “Celebrity.” IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment has since released an official statement regarding the accusations and announced strong legal action against malicious rumors.

On May 11, Lee Min Soo, who wrote IU’s “The Red Shoes” and “Good Day,” personally addressed these allegations of plagiarism in the following statement:


My heart is heavy that my first greeting after a long time is the start of such a difficult topic.

Yesterday afternoon, I read an article that “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes,” IU’s two songs that I wrote, were being accused of plagiarism.

I refuted the issue of “The Red Shoes” through a press release when it was released in 2013 and have refrained from commenting further as it would be pointless. However, due to the recent criticism beyond reason towards the artist, I am carefully leaving this message.

I didn’t reference or have anyone else’s songs in mind when working on “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes.”

As the songwriter of “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes,” I hope this does not leave a scar on anyone’s heart, especially on IU’s heart and the hearts of those who love IU.

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