Watch: Former Boxing Rivals Woo Do Hwan And Lee Sang Yi Team Up To Catch Loan Sharks In

Netflix’s upcoming series “Bloodhounds” has unveiled its main poster and first teaser!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Bloodhounds” is an action noir about two young people who step into the world of loan sharks in pursuit of money and get caught up in a web of much darker forces.

Woo Do Hwan stars as Gun Woo, who enters the world of loan sharks to pay off his debts. He was once a promising boxer who won the Rookie of the Year award, but after meeting Mr. Choi (Heo Joon Ho), he becomes a bodyguard. Lee Sang Yi will take on the role of Woo Jin, who ends up working with Gun Woo. Park Sung Woong will play Myeong Gil, a vicious loan shark driven solely by money who will get into a tense conflict with Mr. Choi.

Gun Woo and Woo Jin first meet as boxing rivals, but quickly become close after bonding over their shared passion for boxing and experience in the marines. Due to an unfortunate incident involving Gun Woo’s mom, the two astonishingly brave and righteous friends become hunting dogs who chase down loan sharks.

The drama’s dramatic main poster emphasizes Gun Woo and Woo Jin’s fiery determination as the prepare to confront huge forces in the cruel world of loan sharks with merely their fists. On the poster it states, “‘Bloodhounds’ who catch loan sharks. We bite off until the end.”

The action-packed teaser features a look into Gun Woo and Woo Jin’s impressive boxing careers, which become a great help in their eventual fight against loan sharks. After they take down a big group of guys and sustain only a couple cuts and bruises in the process, someone explains to Mr. Choi, “Those kids are no joke. They took down 30 men.”

When Gun Woo asks Woo Jin if money is important to him, Woo Jin casually answers, “What could be more important than money?” Later, Myeong Gil visits Gun Woo and his mother and calmly tells them to repay their loan. Gun Woo replies, “Compensate us for our store first.”

As someone cries out “Kill them!” a wild sequence of action scenes begins. Catch the jam-packed teaser below!

Netflix’s “Bloodhounds,” which was written and helmed by director Kim Joo Hwan of “Midnight Runners” and “The Divine Fury,” is scheduled to premiere on June 9.

Until then, watch Woo Do Hwan in his current drama “Joseon Attorney” below:

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Also, catch Lee Sang Yi in “Youth of May” here!

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