Accidentally In Love: 7 K-Dramas With Roommate Mishaps

As K-dramas continue to captivate audiences around the world, one of the most beloved tropes is the accidental roommate trope. Two unlikely people end up living together, forever changing their lives. Here are some top K-dramas that feature this hilarious, heartwarming, and romantic theme.

Note: List is in no particular order.

1. “My Roommate Is a Gumiho

“My Roommate Is a Gumiho” stars Jang Ki Yong as a 999-year-old gumiho, a nine-tailed fox, who has been living among humans for years. Hyeri stars as a college student who accidentally swallows a magical bead that can make the gumiho a human but only if he manages to retrieve it from the student. Thus, they spend more time together and have to end up living with each other.

If you’re in the mood for a K-drama that’s both funny and romantic, this one should definitely be on your watchlist. It’s got an accidental roommate theme that’ll keep you laughing as a nine-tailed fox and a college student navigate living together. The romance is sweet, and the show’s supernatural elements add a fun twist. If you’re a fan of rom-coms or are just looking for a feel-good show, this one’s definitely worth a watch.

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2. “So I Married the Anti-Fan

“So I Married the Anti-Fan” stars Choi Tae Joon as Who Joon, a top star who is very arrogant and full of himself. Sooyoung stars as Lee Geun Young, a magazine reporter who despises Who Joon and is his ultimate “anti-fan.” Destiny brings them together as they are both offered to participate in a reality show where a celebrity and his anti-fan are to live together. They both accept as a result of some difficult personal situations, and they obviously fall in love!

This drama has all the ingredients of a good romantic comedy and is a perfect mix of cheesy and enjoyable. If you’re looking for something light and fluffy to balance out all the serious crime and thriller dramas out there, this one is a great choice. It’s got everything from slow-motion head turns to exaggerated falls and of course the accidental roommate trope that drives the romance!

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3. “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse

“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is a romantic drama series about a woman who inherits a guesthouse in a small village and uncovers a tragic love story while renovating it with the help of a young man. This series explores themes of love, family, and forgiveness as the characters come to terms with their past and present relationships.

Not only does this series include a very visually appealing cast, but the bickering and romantic tension between the characters will keep your heart fluttering throughout. The accidental roommate trope starts right from episode 1, so you won’t have to wait to get right into the action. It’s the perfect light-hearted and heartwarming watch for this upcoming summer season!

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4. “Doom at Your Service

“Doom at Your Service” is the fantasy romance that broke many hearts and simultaneously gave us the heartfelt romance between Myul Mang (Seo In Guk) and Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young). With Myul Mang’s negative and pessimistic outlook on human life and Tak Dong Kyung’s spiral into a dark period in her life, the two find comfort in each other.

The perfect K-drama with a unique twist on the accidental roommate theme, this one explores the trope in not so much a comedic approach but an emotional one. The chemistry between the two leads is intense but also heartfelt in a way that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With a talented cast that includes actors such as Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk, this show is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a supernatural romance that is serious and emotional.

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5. “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

“Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” tells the story of a 939-year-old goblin, played by Gong Yoo, who is cursed with immortality and tasked with finding his bride to end his immortal life. Along the way he meets a grim reaper, played by Lee Dong Wook, who is trying to recall his past life, and a high school girl, played by Kim Go Eun, who can see ghosts. The three form an unlikely friendship, and as they navigate their way through their own personal struggles, they soon realize that their fates are intertwined in ways they never could have imagined.

“Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” is a K-drama that does the accidental roommate trope justice. It not only involves the accidental rooming between the two main leads, but it also involves the Grim Reaper—bring the bromance! This series also touches on themes such as love, friendship, and the inevitability of fate, making it a show that will resonate with viewers of all ages. Whether you’re a fan of romantic comedies, supernatural dramas, or just great storytelling, it’s a series you won’t want to miss.

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6. “Shopping King Louie

“Shopping King Louie” is a rom-com K-drama starring Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun. In the series, Seo In Guk plays a rich guy who loses his memory and ends up living on the streets. Nam Ji Hyun’s character comes to his rescue and helps him get back on his feet while also stealing his heart. Together, they learn about the real value of money and what it means to truly live.

“Shopping King Louie” is a series that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and fall in love at the same time. When Louie loses his memory, he latches onto Bok Shil, relying on her for everything, which leaves her no choice but to let him live with her. It’s a fun and charming romantic comedy that shows the power of family, friendship, and love.

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7. “Full House

“Full House” stars a young Song Hye Kyo as Han Ji Eun and Rain as Lee Young Jae in this classic love story between a famous star and a normal woman. The two decide to have a contract marriage while living in the same house. Although they’re technically married, they can’t stand each other. They eventually learn to coexist and start to develop feelings as they come to realize they can’t live without the other.

This adorable love story will have you longing for a similar romance to Ji Eun and Young Jae’s. Their love-hate relationship is heart-fluttering to see even though Young Jae can be mean at times. Their budding romance also gives off serious chemistry, and you’ll also appreciate the aegyo Song Hye Kyo has in the series!

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