Lee El Is Mysteriously Pit Against Jin Seo Yeon, Cha Ye Ryun, And More In Posters For Upcoming Thriller Drama

“Happiness Battle” has released new main posters and dropped a behind-the-scenes look at the cast’s poster shoot!

ENA’s “Happiness Battle” (literal title) is a suspense thriller about a group of mothers who compete fiercely for happiness on social media. After one of them dies under mysterious circumstances, a battle ensues between those who want to hide the secret and those who want to reveal it. The fierce psychological warfare centered on social media, which is inseparable from modern society, and the suspense it creates are expected to provide viewers with the utmost fun.

In the drama, Lee El stars as Jang Mi Ho, Jin Seo Yeon as Song Jung Ah, Cha Ye Ryun as Kim Na Young, Park Hyo Joo as Oh Yoo Jin, and Woo Jung Won as Hwang Ji Ye.

The first poster captures the five ladies in a straight line, led by Jang Mi Ho. Wearing an all-white outfit, Jang Mi Ho looks out of place as the other four characters wear all black and coldly look off in different directions. At the top of the poster it reads, “The war of women trying to protect their happiness.”

In the second poster, Jang Mi Ho stands by herself with her arms crossed, looking directly ahead. The four ladies are huddled up behind her, seemingly sharing their opinions about Jang Mi Ho. This poster states, “The woman died for someone’s happiness.”

Along with the posters, “Happiness Battle” dropped a making-of clip from the cast’s poster shoot. In the clip, Lee El explains of her character, “She unintentionally gets tangled up in a case and a lot of situations that are far removed from reality end up happening, making you think these things could really happen. I hope you will watch those aspects enjoyably.”

Jin Seo Yeon shares, “What I think will become a big issue is how one raises their children and with what attitudes those mothers are living. You can look at this as a project that focuses more on these women’s lives.”

On her character, Cha Ye Ryun comments, “Na Young is a character who wants to receive love and is soft on the inside, but appears cold, lovable, and also pitiful from the outside.”

Park Hyo Joo explains, “[Oh Yoo Jin is] a character who has a secretive key to the case. If you follow the cases while relating to the characters’ stories, I believe you will be able to watch enjoyably.”

Woo Jung Won adds, “I believe viewers will be able to watch enjoyably if they watch while guessing whether [Hwang Ji Ye] will be of help to main character Mi Ho in solving the case, or act as a trap as the drama’s core case unfolds.”

Unlike the serious tone of the posters, the five actresses laugh happily in between shoots before immersing into their roles in an instant. Following the shoot, all five stars gather to monitor the shots, showcasing their close teamwork.

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip below!

“Happiness Battle” premieres on May 31 at 9 p.m. KST.

Watch Lee El in “Hwayugi” with subtitles here!

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Also, check out Cha Ye Ryun in “Perfume” below:

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