7 Recent K-Pop Songs To Energize Boring Weekdays

Do you need a little pick-me-up during those long weekdays? Extreme boredom can set in when you do the same routine every week, but K-pop is a great distraction. Some recent songs can hold the power to magically energize you in a whole new way! Overcome those boring weekdays by listening to some catchy K-pop songs that were released this season.

aespa – “Welcome To MY World”

This alternative pop single inspires the listener to escape into a peaceful reality that transforms typical boring days. “Welcome To MY World” is all about aespa inviting their AI member naevis and listeners to their music-filled world. Their simple life is accented by special guitar riffs and an orchestra. The melody of “Welcome To MY World” is refreshing enough to energize your weekdays while their sweet vocals can improve your overall mood.

(G)I-DLE – “Queencard”

Self-love is the best way to energize a boring week, and “Queencard” is all about someone celebrating themselves just the way they are. They earn the “queencard” by truly loving themselves. The track has a good blend of pop, rock, and even electronic elements. Your weekday will be much brighter after a boost of positive energy from (G)I-DLE!


You might be able to gather the courage to take on another boring day with the powerful tunes of ICHILLIN’s “SIREN.” Their dance song is intense and maintains dark and edgy vibes. The track expresses the idea of someone going down their own path in life. It’s about advancing despite the odds. “SIREN” is a great song to provide motivation as it pushes everyone to keep moving forward and never lose the desire to succeed.


Ballads have a way of energizing and soothing listeners at the same time, and this song is no different! The empowering ballad with a touch of hip hop boasts an encouraging message of someone living out their dreams. “DREAM” also acknowledges that they worked hard to achieve success. Your weekdays will hold so much promise after being uplifted by this track. Listeners will start feeling encouraged to chase their dreams every day as well.

Xdinary Heroes – “Freakin’ Bad”

The rock genre emerges strong in this rebellious track that is sure to energize you. “Freakin’ Bad” describes the concerns between a hero and a villain. It continues with the idea of leaving the rigid world and its separation of good and evil. This single can shake up a mundane week with its retro bass and intense lyrics. The day will fly by while listening to this fantasy song.

EPEX – “Sunshower”

Erase boring days from your memory by listening to this pop dance track. The lyrics in “Sunshower” express someone’s first breakup and address the growing pains of youth and denial about the separation. And while a breakup song might not sound very energetic, this up-tempo single has enough youthful vibes that every listener will feel forever young and maintain young energy during a slow-moving day.


Get energized with the sweet tunes of “Perfume”! The R&B and electropop song has the power to heighten your music senses. “Perfume” is all about leaving your scent with someone you’re interested in. The goal is to linger in their memory. NCT DOJAEJUNG’s sexy vocals and the unforgettable music make this single a necessity for those boring weeks.

Which recent song is your favorite? Is there a classic K-pop song that has carried you through the most boring days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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