Kim Tae Hee Searches For A Dark Secret Hidden In Her Picture-Perfect Home In New Drama With Lim Ji Yeon

ENA’s upcoming drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” has shared a sneak peek of Kim Tae Hee in her starring role!

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspenseful new thriller starring Kim Tae Hee and Lim Ji Yeon as two women who lead entirely different lives. However, a suspicious smell in one of their backyards winds up bringing the two together in ways that they could never have expected.

In newly released stills from the upcoming drama, Kim Tae Hee looks tense and nervous as Joo Ran, a housewife who seems to have the perfect life. Despite living in a beautiful house, with a husband and son that anyone would envy, Joo Ran’s entire world is shaken when she notices a strange stench stinking up her picture-perfect home.

One photo shows a fearful Joo Ran anxiously looking up at the staircase in her darkened home late at night, while another shows the housewife looking around with a thoughtful expression as she searches for the source of the troubling odor.

Praising Kim Tae Hee’s performance, the producers of “Lies Hidden in My Garden” enthused, “Kim Tae Hee was the essence of the character Joo Ran herself. Not only did Kim Tae Hee capture Joo Ran’s external beauty, but she perfectly embodied the character’s complex inner emotions, such as her anxiety and confusion.”

They continued, “[Kim Tae Hee] pulled off a detailed and densely layered acting performance that will make viewers fully immersed in the secret behind the ‘dead body smell,’ which you could call the starting point of all mysteries. You’ll be able to enjoy top-notch suspense and thrills if you follow Kim Tae Hee’s nose and wavering gaze.”

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” will premiere on June 19.

In the meantime, watch Kim Tae Hee in “Yong Pal” (“The Gang Doctor”) with subtitles below!

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