Kim Sung Oh Gets In Trouble With Kim Tae Hee Over A Strange Smell In Their Backyard In “Lies Hidden In My Garden”

ENA’s upcoming drama “Lies Hidden in My Garden” has dropped new stills featuring Kim Sung Oh!

Based on a best-selling novel, “Lies Hidden in My Garden” is a suspenseful new thriller about two women who lead entirely different lives. However, a suspicious smell in one of their backyards winds up bringing the two together in ways that they could never have expected.

Kim Sung Oh takes on the role of Joo Ran’s (Kim Tae Hee’s) husband Jae Ho. Jae Ho is a talented doctor and perfectionist who begins to have conflicts with his wife when a strange smell starts to emanate from their backyard.

In the still below, Jae Ho exudes an intelligent and gentle vibe in his doctor’s gown.

In another image, Jae Ho is sitting at the table side by side with his son, having a conversation. Jae Ho, who naturally puts his arm around his son, making eye contact while conversing, clearly shows his caring side as the head of the family.

Another still captures Jae Ho standing in a backyard with no one around. In particular, he is staring down at something with a cold expression, which contrasts with the soft and tender expression he showed earlier with his son. Viewer are curious to find out about what Jae Ho found in the yard.

“Lies Hidden in My Garden” premieres on June 19. Stay tuned!

Until then, watch Kim Sung Oh in “L.U.C.A: The Beginning”:

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