Exclusive Interview: VERIVERY Dishes On

VERIVERY’s much-anticipated comeback is here!

The boy group recently returned with their seventh mini album “Liminality – EP.DREAM” and took some time with Soompi to talk about their new album and also share some fun facts about themselves.

Check out our exclusive interview below!

What differentiates this comeback from previous comebacks?

Dongheon: We had some concerns such as the title track “Crazy Like That” having a sort of different vibe from typical idol tracks. We did feel pressure about a new genre and image, but I think we are very satisfied with the final result of the song.

Hoyoung: We were quite worried about the choreography because this title track is a very “easy listening” type song when compared to our previous title tracks. We were concerned over how we could express the easygoing vibe of the song while also making a strong impression with our performance.

Gyehyeon: There are probably many people who imagine a powerful performance when they think of VERIVERY, but we put in a lot of effort to showcase a different side of us through this comeback.

Yeonho: We really discussed a lot while preparing for this comeback. We discussed with our agency and within ourselves on what we need to do to portray the album’s vibe and theme well.

Yongseung: As “Crazy Like That” is a new genre that we have not tried before, we put in a lot of thought on how to successfully pull off the vibe.

Kangmin: Compared to previous comebacks like the brightness of “Tap Tap” or the powerful vibe of “Undercover,” I think it was a bit different that we had to find the right balance between the bright and dark aspects.

What was the most memorable part of preparing for this comeback?

Dongheon: Two songs that we wrote ourselves are included in this album. Fitting with the theme of the album, “Raincoat” is a song that expresses our dreams from when we were trainees. I remember writing the song with the members while reminiscing on those times.

Hoyoung: While filming the music video, there was a scene where we went on top of a truck, and I remember us being really scared because the truck was higher up than expected.

Gyehyeon: I felt determined to take on the challenge when I first heard the title track, but when actually singing it, I remember it being difficult to find a tone with good delivery but also relaxed to fit the song’s vibe.

Yeonho: I remember that it took quite a long time to record the title track. It was a nice song to listen to but difficult to sing, so our agency and members discussed our opinions a lot while recording.

Yongseung: If you watch the music video, there is a scene where I am hanging upside down from monkey bars. I remember hanging on all the monkey bars I passed by on the street in order to prepare for that.

Kangmin: We didn’t have much time to learn the choreography this time, so we were quite worried when learning it, but I remember feeling really proud after seeing the final result.

Of the songs on “Liminality – EP.DREAM,” what song did you like immediately on first listen, and what song grew on you as you listened to it?

Dongheon: I liked “JUICY JUICY” right away, and I liked “Raincoat” the more I listened to it.

Hoyoung: I liked “JUICY JUICY” immediately on first listen, and “Raincoat” grew on me as I listened to it.

Gyehyeon: The full song has not been revealed yet, but I was hooked on “Thank you, NEXT” immediately on first listen. I think the song that becomes better the more I listen to it is of course the title track “Crazy Like That.”

Yeonho: I liked “Raincoat” right away, and I find “JUICY JUICY” to become increasingly charming.

Yongseung: I liked “JUICY JUICY” on first listen. I could imagine the performance for it because the song is intuitive and it has a clear concept. I think “Raincoat,” which we wrote, gets better the more you listen to it.

Kangmin: I liked “JUICY JUICY” right away when I first listened to it, but I grew to love the title track “Crazy Like That” a lot the more I listened to it.

What do you think is the most difficult choreography and easiest choreography you have done so far?

Dongheon: “Thunder”!! “Thunder” was the most difficult, and the easiest choreography was “O.”

Hoyoung: The most difficult choreography was “Thunder,” and if I were to choose the easiest choreography, I think it would be “O.”

Gyehyeon: I think the most difficult choreography was “Undercover.” It was difficult to express the groove. The easiest choreography was “Mystery light” because there is a lot of repetition and feels catchy.

Yeonho: The most difficult choreography was “Thunder,” and I think the easiest was “Love Line.”

Yongseung: All choreographies feel similar if I practice. Looking back on them now, they were all fun.

Kangmin: “Crazy Like That” was most difficult because we had to learn it quickly, and the easiest was “Ring Ring Ring.”

Excluding ramyun, what are you most confident in cooking?

Dongheon: I am confident in cooking kimchi fried rice!

Hoyoung: As long as I have a recipe, I can cook anything pretty similarly. I’m neither good nor bad at it!

Gyehyeon: Kimchi fried rice. I cooked a bit more often when I was younger.

Yeonho: Grilling meat! I’m good at grilling meat!

Yongseung: Nothing… Even ramyun is difficult for me…

Kangmin: There is nothing excluding ramyun…

What do you usually drink when you go to a cafe?

Dongheon: Iced americano!

Hoyoung: I usually drink ade-type beverages.

Gyehyeon: I usually drink iced americano or iced tea with a shot of espresso.

Yeonho: I drink iced americano most often.

Yongseung: I enjoy drinking chamomile tea!

Kangmin: I tend to drink iced americano.

What do you do right before you go to sleep and right after you wake up?

Dongheon: Checking my phone! Whether it is before going to sleep or after waking up, I start by checking my phone first.

Hoyoung: Before going to sleep, I always set my alarm, and as soon as I wake up, I start by preparing to take a shower.

Gyehyeon: Right before I go to sleep, I first check how long I can sleep while setting my alarm. When I wake up, I turn off the alarm and go wash up.

Yeonho: Right before I go to sleep, I usually watch YouTube, and as soon as I wake up, I put my AirPods back into the case.

Yongseung: These days, I adjust the temperature of my electric pad before going to sleep. As soon as I wake up, I turn off my alarm and say morning greetings to VERRER.

Kangmin: I usually watch [content] on OTT platforms before going to sleep, and I take vitamins when I wake up.

What drama have you enjoyed watching recently?

Dongheon: “Doctor Cha”!

Hoyoung: “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” was entertaining!

Gyehyeon: I recently watched “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” again and it was fun.

Yeonho: For me, “The Glory” was really fun!

Yongseung: I enjoyed watching “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha.”

Kangmin: It’s been a while since it aired, but I’ve been watching the “Game of Thrones” series recently.

What do you enjoy watching on YouTube these days?

Dongheon: Drama recaps!!

Hoyoung: I like watching clips of puppies on Kang Hyung Wook’s BodeumTV!

Gyehyeon: Since we just made a comeback, I think I watch VERIVERY clips the most these days.

Yeonho: I usually watch workout videos or mukbang these days.

Yongseung: I catch highlights of international soccer.

Kangmin: I think I watch singing clips the most.

What is something new that you would like to learn one day?

Dongheon: I would like to learn how to play drums one day.

Hoyoung: I want to learn how to play tennis!

Gyehyeon: I would like to learn how to play tennis one day.

Yeonho: I want to try scuba diving!

Yongseung: I really want to learn how to swim or ski.

Kangmin: I have a lot of things I want to learn, but among them, I would like to learn how to play an instrument first.

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