3 Reasons To Look Forward To Lee Na Young’s New Drama “One Day Off”

Upcoming Wavve original drama “One Day Off” (also known as “Travel Diary of “Park Ha Kyung”) has shared some key points viewers can look forward to!

“One Day Off” will tell the stories of eight different trips taken by Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young), a high school language arts teacher who goes on one-day trips on Saturdays that are full of unexpected yet unforgettable moments. Each episode will take viewers to a new location as they follow Park Ha Kyung on her journey, experiencing all kinds of emotions and feelings of comfort with the changing scenery.

Here are three key points to pique viewers’ interest:

A healing travelogue that can easily be watched anytime, anywhere

With its concept of “a one-day trip on a Saturday when you want to disappear,” “One Day Off” is a travelogue that will bring viewers vicarious excitement and healing through Park Ha Kyung’s trips to various locations. Additionally, with each episode of the drama being just 25 minutes long, viewers can easily and quickly watch an episode anytime and anywhere, whether they’re hanging out in a cafe or commuting on a bus or subway.

A surprising lineup of actors

Viewers can look forward to the fun of meeting all the different cast members who enrich the drama with each new episode. The colorful cast, which consists of actors that viewers might not normally find in the same production, includes Goo Kyo Hwan, Han Ye Ri, Shim Eun Kyung, Park Se Wan, Gil Hae Yeon, Park In Hwan, Seo Hyun Woo, Sunwoojunga, Shin Hyun Ji, and Cho Hyun Chul.

Unique locations with a lot to offer

“One Day Off” will feature a variety of cool locations for viewers to check out. From Haenam to Busan to Jeju Island, Park Ha Kyung’s trips to interesting everyday places instead of famous tourist spots will convey the unique charms of each region and stimulate viewers’ desire to travel.

The director of “One Day Off” shared, “Since ‘One Day Off’ is not a tourist story, I thought it was important for the viewers to be able to relate to and experience the feelings of meeting someone or encountering an event on a trip away from their daily routines.”

“One Day Off” premieres on May 24 and will be available with subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, watch Lee Na Young in “Beautiful Days” below!

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