Fitness YouTuber JJ Reveals She Is In A Relationship With Actor Julien Kang

Model and actor Julien Kang is in a relationship with fitness YouTuber JJ!

On May 19, YouTuber JJ took to her personal channel “TMI JeeEun” to upload a video titled “[TMI JeeEun] I’ve started dating.”

In the video, JJ explains that she recently began dating Julien Kang, who she’s been close friends with for three years. She adds, “I was going to date quietly, but we both have jobs where people can recognize us on the street. If I didn’t say anything, I thought people might say elsewhere ‘I saw JJ with so and so,’ ‘I saw them with so and so,’ so I’ve come to reveal it via TMI as I figured it’d be better to tell my subscribers first.”

JJ elaborated, “We’ve known each other for three years. We had a very plain relationship. That wall didn’t come down all at once. It was really awkward at first. I realized that a guy friend becoming your lover was different from meeting someone as your boyfriend from the start.”

On how their bond has now changed, JJ shared, “Julien has the personality of expressing himself directly. If he likes it, he likes it, if he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t. He’s the type to speak bluntly. I think that personality was actually of help. If he wasn’t like that, I figure it would’ve taken us longer to become close.”

Regarding their similarities, she commented, “Julien Kang is also a homebody. Work, gym, home. That’s why he lives with the same lifestyle patterns as me. I had no idea when we were just friends. His personality is similar to his image.” JJ added, “Now that we’ve been dating, there are honestly more aspects in which we match up well.” She added that she was drawn to his honest and direct personality, as acting without hesitation is something she struggles with.

To conclude, JJ discussed the couple’s future plans. “Our first goal is to continue dating well. Up until now, the two of us have been dating very well. So I’m not very worried.” She also shared that the two are planning to visit Canada in June, which is where Julien Kang is from.

JJ is a fitness YouTuber whose channel “JJsalondefit” has over 1.1 million subscribes, while Julien Kang is a French-Korean actor who has starred in dramas like “To the Beautiful You,” “Marriage, Not Dating,” and more.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Check out Julien Kang in “To the Beautiful You” below:

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