Lee Do Hyun And Ra Mi Ran Are Shocked By His Past In

JTBC’s “The Good Bad Mother” has shared an intriguing sneak peek of its upcoming episode

“The Good Bad Mother” is a drama about a woman who must return to her motherly duties after her adult son unexpectedly becomes like a young child again. Lee Do Hyun stars as Kang Ho, a prominent prosecutor who has a fraught relationship with his mother Young Soon (Ra Mi Ran)—until he loses his memory in an accident and unexpectedly reverts to his seven-year-old self.


Warning: mention of attempted suicide.

Previously on “The Good Bad Mother,” Young Soon unexpectedly found new hope in her darkest hour. Just when she was about to end her life, Kang Ho stood up and walked on his own, giving her hope for the future, and she passionately devoted herself to helping him learn to walk again.

At the end of the latest episode, Young Soon discovered a letter that Kang Ho had written to her before his accident—and the letter pointed her in the direction of an SD card he had hidden inside a photo frame.

In newly released stills from the drama’s next episode, Young Soon and Kang Ho face the secret of the mysterious SD card from his past. Both mother and son appear frozen in shock as they stare at a laptop screen together, with Young Soon eventually bursting into tears. While Kang Ho seems to be grasping at hazy straws of his faded memory, Young Soon suddenly grabs him by both arms as if pleading with him.

The producers of “The Good Bad Mother” teased, “Episode 9 will go back in time to Kang Ho’s past. It will depict Kang Ho’s actions during the brief period of time after he left Young Soon’s side. Please keep an eye on what kind of mindset Kang Ho developed after accepting the fate that his ‘bad mother’ Young Soon decided for him as he became a cold-blooded prosecutor.”

To find out what’s hidden on Kang Ho’s SD card—and whether he will be able to remember his shocking past—catch the next episode of “The Good Bad Mother” on May 24 at 10:30 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Lee Do Hyun in “Youth of May” with subtitles below:

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