Upcoming JTBC Mystery Drama Starring Jung Woo And Bae Hyun Sung Confirms Premiere Date

Jung Woo and Bae Hyun Sung are set to lead JTBC’s new drama!

JTBC’s “Miracle Brothers” (literal translation) is a mystery drama about the miracles made through time and the search for truth by Yook Dong Joo, an aspiring writer with tons of debt, and a mysterious boy named Kang San, who has unique powers. The drama will be the 11th collaboration in 24 years between director Park Chan Hong and writer Kim Ji Woo.

Jung Woo will star as Yook Dong Joo, an aspiring writer whose father named him after poet Yoon Dong Joo. In line with his name, Yook Dong Joo shows great potential as a writer, but struggles to find success seven years after graduating college with a major in Korean Literature. On top of that, he is swamped with debt and a troublemaker mother, so he writes novels on the side while surviving day-to-day working part-time jobs. One day, Yook Dong Joo’s life is turned upside down when he encounters a mysterious boy and gets tied up in an unexpected mystery.

Bae Hyun Sung stars as the mysterious Kang San, who boasts special powers. After losing his memory in an accident, Kang San forgets his name and age but develops the mysterious ability to feel the pain and despair of others and read their minds. Although it wouldn’t matter much if he just ignored what he heard and saw, Kang San is an incredibly sincere person who rushes in to help at any sign of injustice.

While struggling to take care of his own body, Yook Dong Joo comes across Kang San who doesn’t know much but gets constantly drawn in to the painful suffering of others, adding variety to both their lives. Through the journey of these two polar opposites developing an unharmonious bromance and becoming “Miracle Brothers,” director Park Chan Hong and writer Kim Ji Woo will draw out the miraculous journey of touching the hearts of those who live life while carrying misfortune and sadness.

Producers of the drama shared, “Dong Joo, a needy human with a barren heart, and Kang San, who dives into the suffering of others without being calculative, will set out to find the truth from the past. We hope you look forward to seeing what kind of miracle director Park Chan Hong and writer Kim Ji Woo will cause together through this, how they will leave a wave that touches the heartstrings in the depths of viewers’ hearts, and how Jung Woo and Bae Hyun Sung will get through this journey.”

“Miracle Brothers” will premiere on June 28 at 10:30 p.m. KST following the conclusion of “The Good Bad Mother.”

Until then, catch Jung Woo in “Mental Coach Jegal” with subtitles here:

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And watch Bae Hyun Sung in “Gaus Electronics“!

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