Watch: Do Won Boldly Confesses To Yoon Do Jin In New Teaser And Poster For BL Drama “Love Tractor”

Upcoming BL drama “Love Tractor” has dropped a new teaser and poster!

“Love Tractor” is a healing romance drama that follows the story of city boy Sun Yool (Do Won), who visits the countryside to take a break from his exhausting life, and country boy Ye Chan (Yoon Do Jin), who loves the countryside.

The drama is the second project from the team of hit BL drama “Semantic Error” and will be jointly produced by production company RaemongRaein, who worked on “Reborn Rich,” and contents media group Next Entertainment World (NEW). It will be helmed by director Yang Kyung Hee who previously worked on BL dramas “The Tasty Florida,” “Kissable Lips,” and “The Director Who Buys Me Dinner.”

The new main poster captures country boy Ye Chan and city boy Sun Yool smiling broadly while sitting on top of a truck. The two lean toward each other, creating a heartwarming atmosphere along with the text, “Warm sunlight, fragrant breeze, and you.”

Furthermore, the main trailer captures Sun Yool traveling down to his grandfather’s house in the countryside to get a break. Sun Yool and Ye Chan’s relationship begins unexpectedly after Ye Chan suddenly splashes a bucket full of water at him. However, the two gradually grow closer as the pure-hearted and passionate Ye Chan begins to lend a helping hand to Sun Yool, who is trying his best to adjust to life in the countryside.

Unexpectedly, Ye Chan begins to feel his heart beat faster around Sun Yool, resulting in Ye Chan running away to avoid Sun Yool. When Sun Yool asks, “Why are you avoiding me?” Ye Chan boldly confesses, “When I see you, I get extremely nervous. I like you, hyung. I’m going to make you see me as a man,” kick-starting their heart-fluttering romance.

Check out the teaser below!

“Love Tractor” premieres on June 7.

In the meantime, watch “Semantic Error” with subtitles here:

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