3 Reasons To Check Out Fantasy Adventure C-Drama

Airing behind such a popular show as “Till the End of the Moon” is never easy, especially for a drama of the same genre, but “Back from the Brink,” despite it not benefiting from the same budget as its predecessor, still managed to conquer drama lovers’ hearts. The story is that of Tian Yao (Hou Ming Hao), a Spirit Dragon whose bride betrayed him on their wedding day before cutting him up and scattering the parts of his body all over the world à la Osiris. Barely managing to escape, he spent 20 long years trying to gather his strength before meeting Yan Hui (Zhou Ye), a cultivator who just got expelled from her sect and who swears to protect him. If that doesn’t catch your attention, here are three reasons to check out this C-drama!

Spitfire meets Iceman

It happens, on occasion, that the lead couple is eclipsed by another pairing, but such is not the case here. Tian Yao’s past may have made him cold and wary of ever trusting anyone ever again, but he still remains the Spirit Dragon, who used to protect his people at heart. Yan Hui, on the other hand, lets no one ever tell her what to do. She always goes for what she feels is right, even if that means going against everything she’s ever been taught. Together, they make an unlikely but formidable pair, especially as they learn to trust each other… and communicate.

The communication

Yes, they communicate. It does seem unlikely in a xianxia drama, but it does happen in this one! Although still rough around the edges and with a marked tendency to explain things after he’s acted on them, Tian Yao is surprisingly open about what is going on when it comes to Yan Hui. His efforts to be more communicative breed a deep trust between him and Yan Hui, making their bond delightful to see bloom and grow into something more.

The heart

But what makes “Back from the Brink” so special is that it has heart. It truly feels like an old-school fantasy adventure, with hurdles that actually feel original instead of rehashed a 100 times. It has compelling characters, an engaging supporting cast, and climactic moments that will make your heart swell with satisfaction. Love is part of it, yes, but so are friendship, respect, adventure, and, most of all, hope. The title itself is a testament to it: this is a story about healing first and foremost, and “Back from the Brink” does it perfectly.

A top-notch soundtrack

Last but not least, the opening credits of this show already stand apart. It’s got gorgeous visuals, and Zhou Shen’s voice gradually grows in volume until a goosebumps-inducing climax. The rest of the soundtrack also features names like pop singer Liu Yu Ning or even Hou Ming Hao himself. You can expect to hear great songs!

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