MONSTA X's I.M Shares His Reasons For Venturing Solo, What Love Means To Him, And More

MONSTA X’s has teamed up with Cosmopolitan Korea for a gorgeous new photo shoot!

Following I.M’s latest pictorial, the artist sat down for an interview. Last summer, I.M parted ways with Starship Entertainment but chose to continue carrying out group activities with MONSTA X. I.M is currently gearing up to make his first solo comeback under his new agency Sony Music Korea on June 23 with “OVERDRIVE.”

The interviewer asked whether this decision was made to better showcase his own music, which I.M confirmed. He explained, “It was also a period where I needed the stimulation that comes from a new environment. When I feel stable, I start to get complacent. I’m not sure if it’s because I lived in Boston and Israel when I was younger and have experience dropping out of middle school to get home-schooled but I don’t have fears related to being placed in new environments.”

Touching on his tendency to deeply reflect on his own self, I.M shared, “I believe that the ego is straightened up when you’re isolated by yourself. I quietly think about my inner self all the way to the bottom and face my honest emotions. Then I take those and use them when writing songs. I’m only able to have these moments in the studio. A thought I’ve had recently while reflecting on myself is that I will not dwell on failure. I think it’s fine to sing solo in front of 500 people after performing as an idol in venues that accommodate 15,000 people. It’s okay to head back to the ground.”

The interviewer commented on how I.M reflects on himself calmly like a third party, to which he responded, “I try not to be swayed by others in everything. While blending in, I try not to lose what’s mine. This is my pace. I know clearly what I want. The freedom to do what I want to do.”

I.M’s upcoming EP is said to be filled with love songs, of which he commented, “I think love is just something you can’t help, that passes by, that floats by, that you send off. That’s also similar to my personality.”

When asked what love means to him, I.M turned the question back to the interviewer who said it was a greater force that drives artists like I.M to create and sing. I.M agreed with this and continued, “To add to that, I think of love as uniqueness. Uniqueness that does not change even as time goes by and locations change.”

On the topic of what kinds of people he likes, I.M shared with a laugh, “I don’t hold on to people who leave, but I also kind of block people who come.” He elaborated, “I don’t like shallow people. As you talk to someone, can’t you feel their depth? I like people with depth. Even if they’re swayed momentarily on the surface, I believe that depth doesn’t change.” Laughing, he added, “Me? I’m not a shallow person.”

For those struggling with love, I.M commented, “Real love does not isolate. It connects us. So even if it’s hard, please love. Even if the target is not necessarily a lover, it’s good even if it’s ‘stanning.’ Love connects you with the world.”

Catch Cosmopolitan Korea’s June issue to see I.M’s full feature!

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