Esom Talks About Her Recent Projects

Actress Esom recently posed for Cosmopolitan Korea!

In an accompanying interview, the actress talked about her most recent works “Kill Boksoon” and “Black Knight” among other topics.

Responding to the interviewer’s comment about enjoying “Kill Boksoon” and finding Esom’s character Cha Min Hee appealing, Esom revealed, “She’s my favorite character too. I tried to portray an innocent, child-like person. On set, the director would improvise by adding lines that weren’t in the script, so I tried to go in with an open mind.”

She continued, “However, there were moments when I felt embarrassed behind the scenes because the character of  Cha Min Hee is so exaggerated, but it was comforting to have Jeon Do Yeon reassure me that it was okay.”

When asked to describe Seol Ah, the character she plays in “Black Knight,” Esom shared, “She is a character with an unwavering solidity that doesn’t seem to falter under any circumstance.”

She added, “I played an intelligence major, and I think the military uniform and mask helped me a lot. Wearing a military uniform made me feel stronger.”

In addition to the drama “LTNS (Long Time No Sex)” (working title) scheduled to premiere later this year, there are many productions starring Esom that are still waiting to be released such as the films “Single in Seoul” and “Starlight Is Falling” (literal titles). On how she feels about having many pending projects, the actress revealed, “There’s a lot of stuff that hasn’t even wrapped up yet. Actually, as an actress, it’s more comfortable for me to wrap things up quickly. I’m excited and can’t wait for them to be released.”

Talking about her love for her film “Starlight Is Falling” and her friendship with co-star Shim Eun Kyung, Esom revealed, “I love [“Starlight is Falling”] because it’s as close to a young adult movie as I can get. I’ve always loved the energy that Shim Eun Kyung has, and it was great to work with her on the film.”

She continued, “I feel like we became closer because we are so different. She thinks I’m a very interesting person, and I think she’s a very interesting person too. There’s no other actress I’m as close to as Shim Eun Kyung, and we still respect each other.”

When the interviewer commended Esom, saying that it is cool to see her taking on a variety of projects including commercial films, independent films, television dramas, and OTT series, Esom shared, “I kept trying to do different things and not get stuck in a rut. As an actress, I thought that was essential. Looking back at my filmography, I have some works I like and some I have regrets about, but at least I feel like I worked really hard.”

Regarding the most memorable time she has had recently, the actress shared, “I needed a break, so I went on a trip to Namhae alone last week. I’m a people person, and I have a lot of appointments, so I had never traveled alone before or gone to a restaurant and eaten alone before. I wanted to do that. So I went alone as if I were running away. It was great. I think I needed the loneliness.”

On her favorite moment during her trip, she recalled, “I stayed in an inn deep in the mountains. It rained heavily. I could hear the sound of the rain clearly. When it rains heavily in the woods, the sound of raindrops hitting the ground sounds like waves, right? I love that sound.”

When asked what she was like as a kid, she revealed, “I was a very introverted child. I couldn’t speak well and couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself. I went to preschool with my cousin, who was a year younger than me and always took me to the bathroom.”

She added, “I tend to keep a small circle of friends, so even now, my closest friends are my best friends from elementary and middle school.”

Explaining how she went from being such an introverted child to becoming a model and an actress, she shared, “As a kid, I liked the movie theater more than the movie. I liked that it was dark and the screen was big. I watched a French film directed by Leos Carax and thought, ‘I want to be in a movie like that.’ Oddly enough, I’m not shy in front of the camera. Because it’s a job.”

On what genres and characters she would like to try in the future, Esom revealed, “Both ‘Kill Boksoon’ and ‘Black Knight’ are action productions, but I am disappointed that I didn’t have any action scenes. I want to play a character with a lot of action scenes like Jeon Do Yeon’s character in ‘Kill Boksoon.'”

Check out Esom in “Taxi Driver” here!

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