Kim Tae Ri Is An Ordinary Student Who Becomes Possessed In New Thriller Drama

New stills show Kim Tae Ri’s striking transformation!

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday series “Revenant” written by famous scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee is an occult mystery thriller in which a woman possessed by an evil spirit and a man who can see those evil spirits inside human bodies dig into the mysterious deaths surrounding five divine objects.

Kim Tae Ri stars as Goo San Young, a part-time worker by day and civil service exam student by night. She takes life on with determination despite her harsh reality, doing her best to overcome all challenges. But one day, after receiving an object that should not have been accepted, she gradually becomes consumed by an evil spirit.

The newly released stills show the spectrum of characters Kim Tae Ri has to portray; one is of Goo San Young, and another is of the evil spirit. Goo San Young embodies the average Korean civil service exam student that merely wants to live an ordinary life like everyone else. This contrasts starkly with the characters Kim Tae Ri has taken on in her previous works, through which she channeled bright and youthful energy. It is easy to resonate with the exhaustion of young adulthood when viewers see Goo San Young with a large delivery bag on her back and notepad in hand to study whenever possible. The evil spirit delves into Goo San Young’s arduous desires filled with animosity, sending chills down one’s spine with its intense and chilling gaze.

Taking on her first thriller drama, Kim Tae Ri commented, “The fact that it was a genre I had never tried before was the biggest selling point. Coincidentally, I had been exposed to a lot of occult materials, but they usually dealt with Western ghosts. However, ‘Revenant’ was fresh, intriguing, and, above all, seemed fun as a Korean occult series.” Regarding portraying two different entities, she stated, “I focused on each situation. I tried to differentiate them through my actions because I had to channel different beings in an instant with the same face. I hope viewers pay close attention to the small details of the performance while watching the show.”

“Revenant” will premiere on June 23 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Kim Tae Ri in “Little Forest” here:

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