11 Best-Dressed Stars Who Attended The 2023 Cannes Film Festival

This year marked a significant milestone at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival as Korean celebrities took center stage, captivating the international audience with their understated fashion, irresistible charisma, and undeniable presence on the red carpet. Their commanding presence and unique style choices set trends and reflected the soaring popularity of Korean entertainment content on the global stage. From impeccably tailored suits to graceful gowns adorned with intricate details, they showcased their innate fashion sense while staying true to their cultural roots. Here are some of the best looks on the red carpet:


With a perfect blend of elegance and timeless style, Jennie effortlessly stole the limelight, leaving an indelible impression on the Cannes spectators and global media. She exuded confidence in stunning couture gowns as well as in her signature black and white colors and ribbon accessories. Jennie’s fashion choices solidified her status as a trendsetter, proving that you don’t have to wear too much color, bling, or show too much skin to make a statement.

Krystal Jung

Speaking of elegance, Krystal made waves in Cannes with her bombshell Hollywood glam look. With her long, wavy hair, silk dress, minimal accessories, and a classic red lip, she looked every bit like a movie star from the Golden Age of film. Many viewers online commented that she resembled her sister Jessica at an angle, but Krystal gave the look her own personality with an air of sophistication and mystique.

Jeon Yeo Been

Also in a silk dress, Jeon Yeo Been attended the red carpet with the star-studded cast of the film “Cobweb.” She kept her look sleek with statement jewelry and glowing makeup, and she styled it with a simple pulled-back, long, knotted ponytail, which is such a nice touch!

The rest of the cast of “Cobweb,” Oh Jung Se, Jang Nam Yeol, Im Soo Jung, and Song Kang Ho, all looked equally stunning!

Song Joong Ki

After his headline-making marriage announcement, everyone was eager to see what’s next for Song Joong Ki. He seems to be doing very well and is still handsome as ever as he wowed fans in Cannes. Decked in a sleek coat and tie look, he finished off his look with his charming, boyish smile and playful personality.


Dubbed as the first K-pop group to attend the Cannes red carpet together, the girls of aespa made a huge splash in stunning gowns and big gems. As ambassadors for a jewelry brand, aespa had a busy time in Paris attending events and shoots. They coordinated their outfits in classic black and white and in different cuts and styles to suit each member. Their confidence and individual styles made them shine brighter than the jewelry!


Having attended several global red carpets, Rosé seems like an expert now as she gracefully poses in front of the camera and looks perfect from every angle!

Roh Yoon Seo

Even at a young age, Roh Yoon Seo has captured viewers with her natural talent for acting. While viewers usually see her playing high school teen roles in simple looks, she attended the red carpet with a more mature look.


Many people were excited to hear that rapper-singer BIBI forayed into acting with none other than Song Joong Ki and Hong Sa Bin in the film “Hopeless.” She attended the red carpet in a simple yet revealing gown that reflected her edgy, rule-breaking style.

Park Bo Gum, Lisa, and V

Being ambassadors for Celine, these three stars often attend shows and events for the brand together, and needless to say, they always make a show-stopping scene with their powerhouse presence. Here, they opted for sleek and shimmery suit looks to represent modern, edgy styles. Fans were delighted to see Lisa sporting a bang-less and wavy hairstyle, giving her suit a more feminine touch. Even more heart-stopping was their display of friendship, with V and Park Bo Gum taking cute selfies together!

BONUS: Proud to be Korean

Cosmopolitan Korea posted an article about how Korean celebrities take a part of their culture to show it to the world on the red carpet or at international events. From Jennie’s braided hairstyle, to Rosé, Jang Won Young, and Jung Ho Yeon’s hair accessories are reminiscent of the traditional hair of royal women in the Joseon dynasty. Whether it’s through a traditional hairstyle, accessory, or a simple greeting in the Korean language – it’s their way of saying they’re proud to represent Korea!

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DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor based in South Korea. She is the author of a K-pop style book published by Skyhorse Publications, New York, including her second book, “BTS Bible.” Check it out on Amazon, follow her on Instagram @dianne_panda.

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