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Upcoming thriller film “Devils” (literal translation) has released an eerie trailer!

“Devils” is an action thriller film that draws out the fight between a never-before-seen murderer named Jin Hyuk (Jang Dong Yoon) and a detective named Jae Hwan (Oh Dae Hwan), whose bodies are switched the moment of an arrest.

The film’s new trailer follows the thrilling chase that ensues when psychopathic murderer Jin Hyuk and detective Jae Hwan somehow end up switching bodies. When he wakes up in the body of Jin Hyuk, Jae Hwan tries to explain, “I’m Jae Hwan!” but he’s immediately brushed off. Jae Hwan then desperately pleads, “That bastard stole my body. Help me.”

It’s later reported on the news that it’s been one month since the disappearance of a detective and a prime suspect in a murder case. When Jin Hyuk visits Jae Hwan in the hospital after they swap bodies, Jae Hwan angrily asks what he’s done to him. Unbothered, Jin Hyuk smiles while telling him to shush and adds, “It seems you haven’t understood the situation yet, but I now enter the home where your beloved wife and daughter live.” Jae Hwan asks, “What is it you want?” and Jin Hyuk responds, “Your memories.”

Jin Hyuk elaborates, “The remaining three guys you were looking for…bring them to me alive.” He then adds, “You have my face now. Use that well.” Later, Jin Hyuk casually tells Jae Hwan, “I didn’t steal your body. I’ve just borrowed it for a moment.”

Watch the spooky trailer below!

“Devils” will hit theaters on July 5.

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