BTS Shares Heartfelt Messages To Fans For Group's 10th Anniversary

Updated June 13 KST:

In addition to RM, other BTS members have revealed sweet messages for fans!

Jimin took to Weverse to write the following letter:

ARMY, this is Jimin.
Wow, it’s our 10th anniversary.
When did time pass this quickly?
I met you when I was 19, and sometimes I can’t believe I’m 29 now.

I am an adult now.
My mind is still the same as when I was 19, but my body is hahaha….
It feels strange.

I just miss you all.

In the past, I wondered what it would be like when we reach our 10th and 20th anniversary.
I don’t think there is much difference.
I think it’s actually pretty nice.
I mean, I was a bit emotional earlier because I was watching Jin on “Suchwita”
But I’m just happy.
Rather than feeling sad or anything, should I say I feel entirely happy because it’s like things shared with ARMY keep piling up one by one?

It may sound strange to say this, but it feels different from
“It’s the first anniversary!!!It’s the second anniversary!!”
It’s just like wow.
Huh huh we’re here now.
No, actually this is not it. Umm it’s hard to express with words.

Actually, since last year, I was feeling a bit depressed at first because it seemed like our time together had stopped, but it wasn’t like that.
Us thinking of each other while in our own positions, thinking about what we can do now, and continuing to try, all these things are what we’re together.

So these days, I’m entirely happy.
Of course, I miss ARMY even more.
I’m also very curious about how you are doing these days and what kind of worries you have, but I’m sorry that I couldn’t come around more often.
But I still think of ARMY all the time.

I think I said these things often.
Such as, “Eight years is long if it is long and short if it is short…,” “9 years is…,” and so on.
But the 10-year period feels different.
Some sort of strong [feeling] that cannot be ignored by anyone, so it can be understood and shared even more
Yes, this is the kind of feeling I got.
I’m happy.
So I want to protect this relationship more and work harder.

I’ve told ARMY many times already that supporting, loving, and giving strength for no reason is not something anyone can do.
So I really feel that we are such happy people.

All of you who make us feel all these things should also feel overflowing happiness and be loved.
You should. Okay?
Dear ARMY, whom I am always thankful for and love,
Let’s be happy for a long long time from now on.

V posted a series of video clips on his Instagram Stories with the following message:

It has already been 10 years since we debuted…
Thank you to our members for making good memories together and for being healthy for 10 years.
ARMY, thank you so much, and we work with strength thanks to you.
Continue taking care of your health and have only happy days.
That is our only hope.
Borahae. ARMY forever, BTS forever.
There are too many videos, so I’ll release more on the 20th anniversary. Bye!

Suga also uploaded a photo with the caption, “TAKE TWO 💜 Thank you everyone, and I love you!”

Jin wrote the following letter on Weverse:

Hello, this is Jin.

We have reached our 10th anniversary thanks to our ARMY.

They say that even rivers and mountains change in 10 years, but it’s quite amazing that the love between BTS and ARMY does not change.

I also want to give some kind of 10th anniversary content to you.. but it’s really too bad that I can’t join.
I should have filmed more content before enlisting.. I’m not sure how to express my apologetic feelingsㅠㅠ

I know that our remaining members are carrying out 10th anniversary content well.. I have 365 days one year left of military life, and for our 11th anniversary, instead of going home right after being discharged, I will go to our company building and greet you through a Weverse live.

Of course if the time is early, I could come after being at home, but I will not make any other plans and will be together with all of you on my discharge day on our 11th anniversary.

I am so happy to at least be able to say words like this haha
Thank you so much for spending our 10th anniversary together with us, and we hope you will be together with us until our bodies can handle performing.



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Original Article: 

BTS’s RM has shared a sweet post in celebration of the group’s 10th debut anniversary!

On June 13, BTS rang in their 10th debut anniversary and RM commemorated the occasion with a series of meaningful photos. The first photo reads “10th anniversary congrats congrats” in RM’s handwriting, followed by a sweet handwritten note. The post also includes an old photobooth strip of BTS that was first uploaded in 2013, stage photos of BTS at their first fan meeting in 2014 and at their concert, as well as a cute selfie.

Read RM’s letter below:

They say rivers and mountains change in ten years..and it’s true.
There have been endless new waves reaching new heights. There are so many late nights that I do not remember.
Myself at 20 and 30 feel like completely different people. Now, my past self feels more unfamiliar.
It is quite special to feel enchanted by certain words.
For a noun to become a pronoun. For bulletproof to become BTS, for army to become [BTS’s fan club] ARMY..
There was a lot of rain, wind, and love. We’ve built our own world that we may not make anyone else understand.
Thanks to ARMY and the many people who helped us
We’ve had very special experiences that we can never experience again.
Looking back, even if I was momentarily soaked in reminiscence, I was used to kicking down doors and stepping out without rest.
Even now, I am still taking a guess at our second chapter. I feel like we can become anything.
The worries and ambivalence I had at 17 and 20 years old are still valid now.
As I gradually become an adult
I learned that in the world, there are many things that cannot be explained through words and writing,
And that things you thought would never change, change someday too.
Also, that the birth of one ‘name’
Needs the strength and love of so many people.
I am still incredibly immature.
In the future too, I will likely continue to be unfamiliar, nervous, and in distress.
But I will still move forward.
Apart and together, far but close, I have you all,
And I hope you all have me.
My members, staff, family, and friends! And ARMY! You’ve worked so hard.
Let’s live together well for the next 10 years too. In this bad world!
I love you.

2023. June. 12.
Nam June

RM’s photobooth picture was first shared in September 2013 with the tweet reading “Kim hundred thousand!!! Wow!!! Here!! Is the person who saw seven boys wearing dark clothes and asked if we were celebrities seeing this!!”

Happy 10th anniversary to BTS!

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