Watch: “Queendom Puzzle” Kicks Off 1st Battle With Fierce Performances

Mnet’s new idol survival show “Queendom Puzzle” has officially begun!

A spin-off of the hit survival show “Queendom,” “Queendom Puzzle” features idols—including members of currently active girl groups—battling for spots in a new seven-member project girl group. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who previously hosted the second season of “Queendom,” serves as the show’s MC.

The contestant lineup includes CLC’s Yeeun; MOMOLAND’s JooE; Lovelyz’s Kei; WJSN’s Yeoreum; AOA’s Dohwa (Chanmi); Weeekly’s Jihan, Lee Soojin, Soeun, and Zoa; Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon, Bora, and Chaerin; tripleS’s Jiwoo and Yoon Seoyeon; PURPLE KISS’s Yuki; Weki Meki’s Elly; LIGHTSUM’s Sangah; woo!ah!’s Nana and Wooyeon; H1-KEY’s Riina and Hwiseo; Rocket Punch’s Suyun, Yeonhee, and Takahashi Juri; former BNK48 member Fye (Fyeqoodgurl); and former “Produce 48” contestant and NMB48 member Shiroma Miru. Former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon and LABOUM’s Haein also participated in the show’s first battle, but both idols dropped out of the show due to personal reasons last month.

On June 13, the program aired its highly-anticipated premiere, which began with the contestants arriving one by one and being directed to their assigned seats.

Host Taeyeon then took the stage to introduce the first round of competition: the “Up-Down Battle.” Taeyeon explained that the contestants had been divided into four tiers based on their popularity and success within their groups—and that they had been seated according to those tiers. The tiers were calculated based 50 percent on each contestant’s number of music show wins and 50 percent on their highest first-week album sales to date (based on Circle Chart data).

However, all was not lost for those in the lower-ranking tiers. Taeyeon went on to reveal that these initial tiers would be meaningless once the competition began—and that they would be reorganized based on the contestants’ individual results from the Up-Down Battle.

In the Up-Down Battle, each contestant took the stage to perform by herself, and the other 27 contestants would vote either “Up” or “Down” while watching her performance. If they thought the performer was better than them, they would vote “Up,” and if they thought the performer was worse than them, they would vote “Down.”

Check out all of the performances from the first episode—as well as the contestants’ results—below!


Dohwa (AOA’s Chanmi) – AOA’s “ELVIS,” “Bingle Bangle,” and “Come See Me”

Dohwa’s score: 11 (up) – 16 (down)

Weeekly’s Zoa – “After School” and f(x)’s “Rum Pum Pum Pum”

Zoa’s score: 16 (up) – 11 (down)

tripleS’s Jiwoo – “Rising”

Jiwoo’s score: 7 (up) – 20 (down)

Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon – Chungha’s “Gotta Go”

Jiwon’s score: 24 (up) – 3 (down)

Rocket Punch’s Suyun – SHINee’s Taemin’s “Advice”

Suyun’s score: 12 (up) – 15 (down)

woo!ah!’s Nana – Taemin’s “Move”

Nana’s score: 19 (up) – 8 (down)

Lee Chae Yeon – Lee Hyori’s “Toc Toc Toc”

Lee Chae Yeon’s score: 20 (up) – 7 (down)

Fye (Fyegoodqurl) – NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” and “Gone Gurl”

Fye’s score: 16 (up) – 11 (down)

H1-KEY’s Riina – “Rose Blossom” and TWICE’s Nayeon’s “POP!”

Riina’s score: 8 (up) – 19 (down)

Weeekly’s Jihan – Nayeon’s “POP!”

Jihan’s score: 17 (up) – 10 (down)

woo!ah!’s Wooyeon – Taeyeon’s “INVU”

Wooyeon’s score: 4 (up) – 23 (down)

WJSN’s Yeoreum – “As You Wish” and EXO’s Kai’s “Mmmh”

Yeoreum’s score: 24 (up) – 3 (down)

Cherry Bullet’s Bora – IU’s “My sea”

Bora’s score: 25 (up) – 2 (down)

The remaining performances from the “Up-Down Battle” will air during next week’s episode on June 20 at 10 p.m. KST.

What were your favorite performances from the first episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

The full premiere of “Queendom Puzzle” will soon be available with English subtitles on Viki below:

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